IS0602AMSI anti microbial blade seal

IS0602AMSI anti microbial blade seal SteriTouch® treated silicone compression gasket.  

Antimicrobial architectural seals: The threat of bacterial infection exists in all environments, but particularly in ‘high traffic’ commercial buildings.  Dangerous bacteria live on all common surfaces, including doors, door hardware and door seals.  These can be easily spread by simple human contact. To assist in suppressing the growth & spread of these bacteria, antimicrobial technology has been incorporated into the manufacture of its range of silicone door seals. This innovative range of antimicrobial silicone gaskets provide outstanding performance with unbeatable hygiene, eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria.

Manufactured with in-built SteriTouch® protection, they are designed for ‘clean room’ environments and buildings that demand superior infection control, including: 

  • hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes
  • laboratories and testing facilities
  • childcare centres and schools
  • food-handling areas.


What is SteriTouch®?

  • SteriTouch® additives use the proven, natural sterilising properties of silver to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and fungi by up to 99.99%. In fact, SteriTouch®  provides protection against a wide range of pathogens, and is particularly effective against illnesscausing bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and MRSA. 
  • A trusted and established brand, SteriTouch® is safe for even the most sensitive applications and is backed by independent testing and continual assessment. SteriTouch® additives do not leach.
  • Best of all, the antibacterial qualities of silver are constantly active and enduring – bringing the peace-ofmind and lasting protection you need. Independent testing giving valuable reassurance.
  • All SteriTouch® additives are independently verified by leading antimicrobial test laboratories in the UK and Japan. Products are tested against E.Coli and MRSA, according to internationally recognised standards and with comprehensive test reports and resulting certification