Simple design and solid functionality are the hallmarks of all d line Hardware. Through co-operation with the leading architects on landmark projects over many years, d line has developed a complete design line that covers the many situations and solutions needed.  

Behind the minimalist exterior hides cutting edge technology combined with world leading craftsmanship that ensure strength and functionality which make d line a life-long solution, and which have ensured that d line has been specified in leading buildings throughout the world. The combination of aesthetics and technology has resulted in d line being awarded numerous international design prizes d line's handrail system is uniquely constructed of a number of standard modular components. This indicates that on site fabrication or welding is not required. Mounting is very simple with the components engineered to accommodate various on site conditions. 

The d line Handrail system includes an engineered concept for minimising the amount of custom bending required. The Omnibend connects individually tapered disks that can be added or subtracted to create the majority of angles encountered.

Innovative connections, easy to install.

In Perth, Western Australia overlooking the city and Swan River is Kings Park. The park is set on 400 hectares of land of which fifty percent is made up of native bush. The city and river view is unbelievable. To enhance the park experience an elevated 650 meters walkway, the Lotteries Federation Walkway, has been constructed. The walkway is a journey through the park’s history in relation to Indigenous and European culture. Artwork and construction materials augment the natural setting enabling visitors to appreciate the importance of conserving biodiversity, the cultural and natural heritage and the geographic features of the surrounding landscape. The walkway is a path of steel and glass that takes you on a walk through the treetops. The 650m walkway features a ground level section and a 400m boardwalk that is 16m into the trees at its highest point, with glass sides to enhance the viewing experience. By Donaldson + Warn