d line Washroom is a highly flexible modular sanitary concept, manufactured in acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316 WST 1.4435, and intended for wall recessing. Five new and improved components for d line Washroom have been designed and developed by Carl F International and Knud Holscher Design with high traffic locations in mind. 

The d line Maxi Waste Paper Bin is now available in module size 4 and 5 to suit 40 and 50 litre plastic bags. The d line Maxi Paper Towel Dispenser is now available in module size 4 suitable for paper towels 250 x 100mm. The Automatic d line Hand Dryer has been technically improved and is now available in module size 2 and 3. Module size 3 is produced with a vent that leads the air in a 45 degree downward direction. All modules are installed in panels. Each panel is locked through a concealed communal locking mechanism that, when unlocked, gives access to the individual modules.The new and improved locking mechanism can be placed both at the top or bottom of the panel. It comes with an instructive key ring that illustrates how to serve the locking mechanism appropriately.


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Open d line washroom catalogue 2012
Open d line washroom catalogue new generation 2012