3572DXKOCLO#/1901/70SC 3572DXKOCLO#/1901/70SC
Digital lock with mechanical key override
Photo image shows 1901/70SC rectangular plate internally

Features and specifications
  • Outside: Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn the knob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turn knob the code is automatically cancelled. The key override pin tumbler cylinder enables quick access by key for authorities such as the fire brigade or those who need to carry a master key to access all rooms of a building. In addition, an interior pin tumbler lockout cylinder is fitted.
  • Inside: By lever handle or knob at all times. The lockout cylinder enables the digital function to be made inoperative, allowing for key entry only during certain times of the day or after hours.
  • Door Thickness: 35 to 50mm. 
  • Lock Assembly: 3572 Series cylinder mortice deadlatch.
  • Backset: 60mm standard (extended backsets 89 and 127mm on application)
  • Cylinder: Pin tumbler mechanism with round brass cylinder.
  • Keying: Standard Keying (Supplied individually keyed with two keys per lock, 78,000 key combinations)

This product is handed, choose left hand or right hand...
Left hand - when standing on the outside of the door (where the keypad will be) - the key pad will be on the left hand side
Right hand - when standing on the outside of the door (where the keypad will be) - the key pad will be on the right hand side

Furniture: Supplied as standard with 1901/70SC lever on plate internal furniture (also available with 2901/70SC round end furniture - see product 3572DXKOCLO#/2901/70SC)

Restricted special keying (optional extra, additional cost): Can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication, which can also include specially designed key systems such as master key systems, which allow for different levels of mechanical access control.

Bolt Hold-back Function (optional extra, additional cost): A key operated hold-back function is available. This is achieved by a pin tumbler cylinder on the inside allowing the bolt to be held back. Will also require change to internal furniture plate. Fitting a hold back cylinder will mean product is no longer fire rated.

Standard finish: Satin chrome brushed SC
3572 Key Override Digital DX Lockset (excluding rubber gasket) has been successfully tested to 4 hours on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1905.1: 1997, Fire Resistant Doorsets.