6600 series lever on plate furniture
lever on plate furniture, rectangular plate 165mm high, 45mm wide, 10mm thick
grade 316 stainless steel

lever options:
#30 - U shaped return to door (complies with Access to Premises standards)
#31 - L shaped
#39 - rectangular
(other levers available on request)

plate fixing lever description
6600 concealed yes oval cylinder hole
6601 visible yes oval cylinder hole
6602 concealed yes indicating turn snib
6603 visible yes standard turn snib
6604 concealed yes privacy button
6605 visible yes plain
6606 concealed yes plain
6607 visible yes accessible turn
6608 concealed yes indicating accessible turn
6609 visible yes indicating privacy button
6610 concealed no oval cylinder hole
6611 visible no oval cylinder hole
6612 concealed no indicating turn snib
6613 visible no standard turn snib
6614 concealed no privacy button
6615 visible no plain
6616 concealed no plain
6617 visible no accessible turn
6618 concealed no indicating accessible turn
6619 concealed no indicating privacy button