Aarstiderne lever handle
Aarstiderne lever handle Aarstiderne lever handle Aarstiderne lever handle

Danish firm Aarstiderne Architects, are represented throughout the Nordic countries and work in the fields of design, urban planning and landscaping as well as in architecture. Their multi-disciplinary approach drives them to make integrated design solutions. This continuity of expression extends from each detail to the entirety – from lever handles to building volumes and environment. The lever handle from Aarstiderne Architects takes its inspiration in form and material from the branches of a tree. The organic character of the lever handle completes the architectural experience and adds warmth to the function. The lever handle comes in four different varieties – teak, ash, oak, and stainless steel, all selected with Aarstiderne Architects’ sense of detail and focus on comprehensiveness, making it a perfect part of an integrated architectural concept. 

Available in teak, oak, ash or all stainless steel