auto hand dryer ECOMO-ROUND
auto hand dryer ECOMO-ROUND auto hand dryer ECOMO-ROUND

EcoMo™ Round automatic hand dryer - abs plastic - round

Clean Fresh Air

  • Eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Dehumidifies & deodorises air

Innovative Easycare Design

  • Water blown to back wall prevents splashback
  • Integrated ceramic pad absorbs water

Low maintenance & space saving

  • Super Filter Assembly
  • Combined HEPA, Carbon and 
  • Antibacterial Filters

Dry Hands in 10 Secs

  • Powerful vertical and horizontal thrust
  • Rub hands and fingers to dry
  • Vertical opening - no need to bend 

Casing: Silver High Grade Fire Retardant ABS, 3.0mm Thickness

Motor: 400-750W Brush Type: Dual Ball Bearings; 11,000-20,000RPM (adjustable); 95°C auto resetting safety overload thermostat

Power use: 240V, 50Hz, 1200W, 10.0A

Standby power: 0.5W

LED colour: Standby: Red, Active: Blue

Sound level: 78db (+/- 3)

Drying time: 10 - 15 seconds

Drip proof rating: IP 23

Heather element: ON/OFF Options; 300-450W (adjustable)

Heater assembly: 85°C auto resetting safety thermal cut off

Warm air speed: 65-100m/s (adjustable)

Warm air temp: Ambient +20°C

Timing protection: 60 seconds power safety cut off - auto reset

Sensor range: Infrared Automatic - 120mm +/- 10mm preset; Self Adjusting

Casing security: SS theft resistant hex drive screw (hex key supplied)

Net weight: 10 .8kg

Dimensions: 322mmW x 625mmH x 185mmD

Note: Unit can be hard wired by electrician or used with cord and plug provided; Installation template & instructions included