IS7025SI frame seal
IS7025SI frame seal IS7025SI frame seal

The IS7025si is a popular slim-line, door frame perimeter seal, designed to be fitted to an existing door stop, around the head and jambs of single swing doors.

The aluminium carrier has fixing holes pre-drilled and slotted to allow the seals to be adjusted and positioned accurately. A decorative cover strip is supplied to conceal these fixings.

Gap size: Min. 0mm / max. 6mm

Door set standard lengths:
  • Single door set: 1 x 1000mm, 2 x 2100mm
  • Long single door set: 1 x 1000mm, 2 x 2750mm
  • Double door set: 3 x 2100mm
  • Long double door set: 1 x 2100mm, 2 x 2750mm

  • 1000mm
  • 2250mm
  • Also available in: 250mm increments from 1000mm to 5000mm

  • Silver anodised aluminium with grey silicone gasket and grey cover strip
  • Bronze anodised aluminium with black silicone gasket and black cover strip

  • Fire tested to AS 1530 Part 4
  • Acoustic ratings to AS 1191 and ISO 140.3