RTS85 transom closer

Disappears into the frame. Ideal for shopfitting. For both double and single action doors. Elegant, versatile, practical and quality assured. The RTS 85 offers a solution for installations where door control must be provided without disturbing the aesthetic appearance of the door. The majority of preparation can be accomplished by the fabricator prior to installation, leaving minimal on-site work. A complete line of accessories is available to accommodate virtually any door and frame configuration.

 Standard and optional functions

  1. Fully controlled closing with adjustable speed
  2. Adjustable final closing
  3. Progressive mechanical backcheck
  4. Mechanical backstop**
  5. Hold-open points – depending on model (optional) 105° or 90°

Door opening angle max. 130° on both sides; in the case of heavy doors which can be opened further, door stops must be used.

In the case of single action doors, the opening angle may be reduced depending on the door design.

Floor pivots, cover plates & other accessories ordered separately - or order combi pack to suit timber or aluminium doors.

Timber door combi pack includes transom closer body, RTS85WSIL cover, 8530 arm/channel, 8550 floor pivot

Aluminium door combi pack includes transom closer body, 8530 arm/channel, 8551 floor pivot

Fire door combi pack includes transom closer body, RTS85MB metal box, RTS85WSIL cover plate, 8530 arm/channel, 7421 bottom strap, 7475AX floor pivot