System1 pivot set
The FritsJurgens System4 pivot stands out from other pivot systems in that all the technology is in the door. This makes the interface with the wall, floor and the ceiling subtle and stylish. No imposing floor plate to diminish the visual attraction of the door. The System4 pivot has been designed to provide 0° to 90° for single swing doors or 0° to 180° movement for double action doors. In either case the door will always stay open with the built in Hold Open function set at 90° and -90°. The System4 requires a minimum pivot point from the edge of the door of only 91mm. This gives a wider opening area than traditional pivot solutions that need to be set further in from the edge of the door. System4 incorporates an adjustable closing force feature, this feature allows you to increase and decrease the closing force / strength of the pivot, thus the speed of the door. If the door is moving too fast, simply increase the brake and it will slow down. An added benefit is that you do not need to bring the door down to make this adjustment. Using the Allen key supplied simply insert and twist.

Brilliantly designed, System4 is unlike traditional pivots due to it being fully embedded in the door. There is no visible pivot hardware at the top or bottom of the door. An added benefit; there is nothing to rebate into the floor or ceiling. Saving significant time and money on installation. This key aesthetic and design element is unique to the FritsJurgens systems and is no accident. All the FritsJurgens pivot systems have been designed with this key feature in mind.

Minimum door thickness 48mm
500kg bearing capacity (but max 200kg for appropriate closing forces)

2000+91=2091mm max door width with end pivot (2000mm with centre pivot)

each set contains:
1 x bottom pivot
1 x FJATC9001 top pivot
1 x FJPP6040T ceiling plate
1 x FJVP8040B floor plate
1 x S01 adjustment spanner
1 x fitting template
1 x fitting adhesive
1 x fitting instructions
1 x 250mm allen key
Damped closure
Adjustable holding force
Swing 90 to -90 (180 degrees)
Hold open 0, 90, -90 degrees
Self close - let door go at 88 degrees
Hold open - push the door past 88 degrees