Securicraft Turn Snib 6 Pin 

Securicraft Turnsnib An innovative idea from Securicraft. This neat product called Securiturn is a removable thumb turn for double cylinder locks. It can be inserted into a double cylinder lock, such as a deadbolt, and will transform that lock into a single-cylinder function with a turn snib now on the inside. When you wish to change the lock back to its original function, it's as simple as removing the thumb turn with the key release tool provided.


  • Suits all cylinders on the KeyLine LKW5/LKW9 (Silca LW4/LW5) profiles
  • Safety and security in one package
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Standard thumb turn projection of 16mm, low profile projection of 10mm
  • 6 pin length


  • Finish: Chrome Plated
  • Packaging: Display Pack


Brand Securicraft