ABUS 12KS Chain & 83/60 Padlock
12KS120BLK & 8360NKD

1x Chain
1x Padlock

Chain Features:

  • Square link chain 12mm link and 120cm overall length
  • Hardened steel Corrosion protected
  • Extended last link for convenient padlocking
  • Includes ABUS black webbed sleeve

Padlock Features:

  • 60mm chrome plated hardened steel lock body
  • Double ball locking Removable core cylinder for quick rekeying
  • Incorporates the popular 570 style barrel
  • Compatible with most restricted keying profiles
  • Shackles can be quickly changed for different applications 11.1mm shackle diameter 25.5mm horizontal clearance
  • Special alloy shackle Range of shackle sizes
  • Drilling protection in both the cylinder and barrel
Brand Abus