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Keeler Hardware offers the largest selection of locks and lock accessories online. Our dedication to providing heavy-duty locks. Ensures that your property remains secured at all times. If you need locks for cabinets, cupboards, cylinders and barrels. And deadlocks or night latches. We have it all covered. Besides deadlock cylinders and accessories. Our range includes digital and electronic locks that provide cutting-edge security solutions. Making safeguarding your home easier with our door chains and guards. Door lock bolts and packs. Knob sets that are both functional and look good. For added convenience and peace of mind. Shop our collection of latches and boltslever setspatio boltspadlocks and chains. Suitable for various purposes including securing mortice doors or screen doors. We even cater to more specific needs. Sliding door locks or garage door locks ensure comprehensive protection throughout your property. At Keeler Hardware & locksmiths online. You can also find an array of key-related products. Like keys themselves along with their matching accessories. Taking care of every aspect of your security door system. We also offer key switches and other locksmith essentials. To ensure you have everything you need to create an effective locking system. Tailored to your specific needs.

Lock and Key Solutions

We understand that the level of protection you need for your home or establishment may vary. Which is why we offer a wide range of lock and key options to cater to your specific requirements. If you're looking for dummy locks that provide a visual deterrent. Self-latching single cylinder or self-latching double cylinder locks. For added convenience. Or even double cylinder deadbolts that offer maximum security. We have got you covered. To ensure complete customer satisfaction. We provide multiple keying options for our locks and lock accessories. You can choose between ordering sets that are keyed alike. Perfect if you prefer using the same key for multiple locks within your property.

Option for keys that are keyed to differ. Ensuring unique access control wherever needed. Furthermore, your cylinders can be configured to turn only or turn and release. Depending on your keying options. This allows you to customise the functionality. Based on your preferences and specific needs. When it comes to brands, rest assured that at Keeler Hardware, quality reigns supreme. We stock trusted names in the industry. Such as Cyberlock whose cutting-edge technology ensures top-notch security solutions. Emro offers reliable hardware with innovative designs. While Firstlock presents a comprehensive range of robust locking systems. Suitable for any application. Holden's reputation precedes them as providers of high-quality security products. Alongside Kevron who specialises in key tags and identification accessories

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We take immense pride in offering an extensive range of locks and lock accessories. That are not only top-notch in quality but also easy to use. Our team understands the importance of convenience when installing and adjusting locks. Which is why our products are designed to provide a hassle-free experience. With smooth and even closure as their defining feature. These locks ensure that your belongings remain secure at all times. And durability? Well, that's one aspect we never compromise on. We believe in providing value for money. So rest assured that when you invest in our locks or lock accessories, they will stand the test of time. As a bonus, we offer free delivery for orders over $99! We offer high-quality products and seamless service. Without having to worry about additional costs. Trust Keeler Hardware to fulfil all your locking needs. Delivered Australia wide!