Timber Gates


Timber Gate Hardware

At Keeler Hardware, we understand the importance of finding the perfect timber gate hardware for your gates. That's why we offer an extensive selection of high-quality gate hardware products designed specifically for timber gates. If you're looking for a timber gate lock, hinges that are best suited for wood gates, or even complete timber gate kits, we have everything you need to enhance the functionality and style of your gates. Our selection includes products specifically designed for timber gates, ensuring the perfect fit for your project. If you prefer a modern or traditional look, our collection features items with different styles to match the overall aesthetic of your gates seamlessly. Looking for a timber gate lock, gate hinges that are best suited for wood gates, or even complete timber gate kits, we have everything you need to enhance the functionality and style of your gates.

When it comes to functionality and durability, our timber gate hardware has you covered. Our timber gate range includes adjustable padbolts, gate guards, and latches that provide both security and convenience. We also offer d-latch striker handles which add an elegant touch to your gates. If you're in search of lever handles or gate rings to complement the overall look of your wooden gates, our collection has various styles to choose from. 

Working with softwood or hardwood gates or tackling a DIY installation or maintenance project yourself - our products are ideal for almost any kind of timber and wood gate. They provide reliable performance while ensuring ease of use throughout their lifespan.

To suit various design preferences and complement different aesthetics flawlessly; our items are available in stainless steel for a sleek contemporary feel; matte black for an elegant touch; and polished brass for classic charm.

Stocking all the quality brands,you can trust us as we stock some popular names in the industry like Ajustco, Carbine, Elgate, Emro, LockFocus, Scope, Superior Brass and Tradco. Our commitment is not just about providing variety but ensuring customer satisfaction as well.

So if you're looking for locks for wood fence gates or simply searching for the best hinges for  your security gate, you can be sure to find the perfect fit with our extensive range of timber gate hardware at Keeler Hardware.


The Best Hinges For Heavy Wood Gates

When searching for the best hinges for a heavy wood gate, you cannot compromise on strength and durability. To bear the weight of a large wooden gate without succumbing to pressure, your top choice should be heavy-duty steel or stainless steel hinges. These robust materials excel in withstanding immense loads and provide unwavering support to your gate. Alternatively, brass or bronze hinges not only offer exceptional durability but also add an alluring aesthetic appeal to your gate. Both these options outlast lighter alternatives like plastic or aluminium by a significant margin, making them perfect for such applications. It would be wise to consider adjustable tension models as well; they enable you to fine-tune how snugly your gate fits within its frame based on external weather conditions. This feature ensures that your gate remains firmly closed when required while still allowing effortless opening whenever needed. No gate installation is complete without fasteners and accessories. Heavy-duty lag screws, bolts, nuts, and washers are essential in wood gates to secure the hinges in place and provide a sturdy platform for your gate unlike metal gates which require different fasteners. Make sure that all these components have been galvanised to prevent premature corrosion; this ensures that your gate remains as stable as ever even under harsh weather conditions. Additionally, you may choose to install gate latch kits or self-locking mechanisms for added gate security. These items will grant peace of mind knowing that your gate cannot be opened from outside unless authorised by yourself or someone with access rights.


Locks For Wood Fence Gates

A quality wooden gate latch and a quality wooden gate lock are essential for wood fence gates. A wooden gate latch is designed to secure your wood fence gates with a strong and sturdy latch. Depending on the style of the wooden gate, you may require a long-throw lever latch or a slide bolt for added security. It should be mounted securely in the centre of the frame of your wood fence gates. A quality timber gate lock can also provide additional security if desired, as it is more difficult to pick than regular latches. The type of gate lock needed will depend on what type and style of lockset you choose for your wood fence gates. Good quality timber gate hinges and locks are essential when installing any kind of timber gate to ensure both safety and privacy. For extra security, you may also want to consider using a gate stop. A gate stop is an additional piece of hardware used when installing wood fence gates that can restrict the movement of your gate in one direction or another. This can provide additional support and security for your wooden fence gates by preventing them from opening unexpectedly or swinging open too far. Gate stops are typically installed on each side of the frame with lag screws through pre-drilled holes in both pieces. With proper installation and maintenance, gate stops will continue to keep your wooden fence gates secure for years to come.