Door Handle Accessories


The Best Door Handle Accessories in Australia

The products you use to secure your home and business matter more than any other fitting. Among these components, door handle accessories can make all the difference in both security and aesthetics. Fortunately, Keeler Hardware boasts a massive selection of options for your premises, ensuring you’re safe, sound, and on-trend.

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Many components fall into this category. We have a full range of replacement parts and knobs and handles themselves, allowing you to install robust, secure, and functional parts across the board.

Some of the accessories we have available at Keeler Hardware include:

Spacer rings

A simple and easy way to add a touch of modern elegance to any home. Our range of spacer rings provides extra thickness when your knobs won't latch onto the entrance. Slide these in place, and they will fill the space and allow for a perfect fit. They are also made from satin and polished chrome, presenting a sleek finish that gives your interiors a modern look.

Nidus Door Handles

When you are looking for the right blend of style and function, then the range of Nidus products is the perfect companion for your home. These stylish, Mediterranean-inspired levers allow for easy access so children and people of all abilities will be able to use them and look great in both new and older style homes. These designs are made from sturdy materials and are crafted to provide security and look fantastic.

Dummy or Taylor Spindles

In some instances, you want the knob or lever handle to be fixed in position so it cannot be turned (e.g., On some double doors or cupboards). This is where our Taylor Spindles converts a knob or lever handle into what we typically call a “Dummy Set.”

Safeguard Your Property

Security is paramount at every home or commercial property. Keeler Hardware also stocks the best front door locks on the market, so you can be assured that your premises are safe from the attempts of intruders. We also stock door hinges for any size, shape, or type of frame so that you can ensure smooth operation at all times.

Keeler Hardware has everything you need when it comes to the best door handle accessories in Australia – all sourced from leading manufacturers and engineered to stand the test of time. We have a wide variety of door handles across traditional, modern lever designs and antique looks; find the most suitable option to suit your home or business now.