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All Types Of Gate Hinges

With our diverse and experienced team available to help, Keeler Hardware offers a wide array of gate hinges and accessories to meet the gating needs of our customers both in-store and online. We have a wide range of products available to suit your individual needs, whether it's heavy duty hardware to maintain metal gates, timber gates or pool gates for suburban homes. We have a full selection of gate hinges in different styles, sizes and colours to meet the needs of any project. If you need adjustable, heavy duty gate hinges or self closing hinges for your gate, we can provide expert advice and quality products that will ensure your gates are securely closed every time. We also carry decorative gate hinges for those who are looking for an added touch of style to their gating system. Our knowledgeable staff can even show you how to install the hardware properly so that it works at its best. No matter if you are installing a new gate, or restoring an old favourite, we have several gate hinges options in our catalogue for designs ranging from self closing pool gate hinges to heavy-duty metal gate hinges. Choose from a range of functional and decorative styles, including shiny and matte black finishes, eye-catching materials like chrome, aluminium and stainless steel, to not only secure your gate, but add a touch of style and elegance.

Choosing The Right Gate Hinge Kit

Not only do gates provide invaluable security for your property and a deterrent to unwanted guests, but they also lend character to any home, outline your boundaries, and help keep children and pets safe within your grounds. As such, it is essential to maintain your gates with strong, reliable lightweight and heavy-duty gate hinges to ensure that your gate and fencing installations are secure all year round. The type of gate hinges you choose will depend on the weight and design of your gates, but most are either heavy-duty or lightweight. Heavy-duty hinges can support heavier weights for larger gates, while lightweight hinges are suitable for smaller designs. When selecting a hinge, it's important to consider not only its strength and security features but also how easy it is to install and maintain. Regular lubrication with oil helps keep your gate hinge moving smoothly over time so that you don't have to worry about squeaking or sticking when opening or closing the gate. Make sure all nuts and bolts are tightened regularly for optimal safety and performance. When selecting a hinge, it's also important to ensure the style and finish match the rest of your gate system. For example, if you have an ornate design on your fence, choose a coordinating decorative gate hinge for a cohesive look. Similarly, if your existing gates are black or silver in colour then choose hinges with the same finish so they blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic.


What Type Of Hinges Are Used On A Gate?

When it comes to securing and enhancing the functionality of gates, various types of hinges are used depending on the specific requirements. 

Heavy duty gate hinges: For heavy-duty applications, such as industrial or commercial settings where durability is paramount, heavy-duty gate hinges come into play. Constructed from sturdy materials like steel or iron, these robust hinges can effortlessly support the weight of even the largest gates while ensuring smooth operation over time. 

Metal gate hinge: Steel or Metal gate hinges offer a reliable choice for both residential and commercial gates alike. Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or aluminium, they provide excellent strength and longevity while adding an aesthetic appeal to any fence structure.

Swing gate hinges: The swing gate hinges are another popular option that allows a gate to swing open or closed smoothly along a fixed axis point. These versatile hinges work well with a variety of gate sizes and offer flexibility in terms of installation options – if for residential entryways or large-scale entrance gates.

Adjustable gate hinge: For those seeking more adaptability in their gate hinge systems, adjustable gate hinges become indispensable. Typically made from high-quality metals like zinc alloy or brass, these cleverly designed mechanisms enable users to fine-tune the alignment and levelness of their gates easily.

Industrial gate hinges: In specialised settings such as industrial complexes or restricted areas requiring heightened security measures, industrial gate hinges step up to meet the demands. Engineered with advanced features like tamper-proof designs and reinforced construction methods, these distinctive hinges ensure maximum stability and resistance against external forces.

Timber gate hinges: Wooden or timber gate hinges offer a sturdy and reliable solution for residential gates made from wood materials such as cedar or pine. Timber gate hinges ensure smooth operation while providing durability against weather elements and regular use.

Self closing gate hinges: These hinges are designed for self closing gates with a built-in tension device that automatically closes the gate after it has been opened. This self closing hinge feature proves particularly beneficial for heavy-duty gates in commercial or pool fence settings where constant monitoring may not be feasible.


Pool Gate Hinge Solutions

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your pool area, selecting the right pool gate hinges is of utmost importance. With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which gate fitting would be suitable for Australian conditions. However, understanding the different types of pool gate hinges can simplify this decision-making process. The first type is self-closing hinges that automatically ensure your pool gate stays closed after every use, eliminating any chance of accidental entry. These are particularly useful if you have children or pets around who might forget to close the gate behind them. Another option worth considering is adjustable tension hinges that allow you to control how fast or slow your pool gate closes, catering to individual preferences while maintaining optimum safety standards. For those seeking durability and longevity in their gates' functionality, heavy-duty stainless steel hinges are highly recommended as they offer excellent resistance against corrosion caused by exposure to moisture from pools or harsh weather conditions prevalent in Australia's coastal areas. Additionally, these stainless steel hinges provide smooth operation without any friction or wear over time due to their robust construction – an essential feature for frequently used gates such as those leading into swimming pools. Ultimately, choosing the best-suited hinge for your pool gate will depend on factors like desired features and environmental considerations; however, prioritising self-closing mechanisms along with durable materials like stainless steel can significantly enhance both convenience and peace of mind concerning safety precautions surrounding your cherished backyard oasis.


Quality Gate Hinge Hardware

When it comes to gate hardware, we know that no two gates are exactly the same, which is why we offer an affordable range of lightweight and heavy-duty gate hinge products in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes so that you can find the perfect fit for your gate. Working with expert manufacturers and reputable brands like Bellevue, D&D, Elgate and Tradco, we take pride in knowing that our products offer customers high-quality, durable designs, with excellent results. 

Along with the lightweight and heavy-duty gate hinges, we stock gate locks, latches, rings, fixing brackets, lever latches and more to meet all your gate hardware needs. With an excellent supply of gate hinges for you to choose from, you can browse our collection in-store or online today, ready to order across Australia and delivered straight to your doorstep. If you need extra security or just some additional convenience, our gate hardware range has what you need to make sure your gate is secure and easy to use. From key operated locks to combination latches, we have everything you need for a secure gate entry point that's also user-friendly and stylish.


How To Replace Gate Hinges?

When it comes to replacing gate hinges, understanding the various types of gate fittings and hinges for gates is essential. With a wide range of options available at Keeler Hardware, it may seem overwhelming at first, but fear not! Replacing gate hinges can be approached with confidence and ease. 

Begin by assessing the type of hinge your gate currently utilises – strap hinges or butt hinges are two common types. Strap hinges are robust and provide strong support for heavy gates, while butt hinges offer a more discreet appearance. Once you've identified the hinge type, ensure that you have all the necessary tools at hand - screwdrivers, drill bits, screws - before proceeding further.

Next up is removing the existing hinge from your gate. Carefully unscrew each screw securing the old hinge to free it from its position on both sides of your gate – this might require some effort if they have been fixed securely over time. Remember to hold onto any washers or spacers as they will need to be reused during installation.

Now that you have successfully removed the old hinge, take a moment to inspect your gate's condition thoroughly. If there are any signs of wear and tear or damage near where the previous hinge was mounted, consider reinforcing those areas before continuing with installation.

With preparation complete, align one side of your new hinge with its corresponding location on your gate frame. Using appropriate screws provided with your chosen set of new fitting carefully fixate one end securely into place ensuring proper alignment throughout.Once affixed on one side, gently swing  the gate to ensure that the other side of your new hinge aligns with its corresponding receiver. If not, adjust accordingly before continuing.

Finally, check all screws are tightened correctly and your new set is firmly secured in place. Your gate should now open smoothly instead of sticking or squeaking as it may have done prior to replacement. With a few simple steps you can restore your gates performance quickly and easily for years of smooth operation ahead.


Looking for new pool gate hinges to secure your pool area? Do you need replacement farm gate hinges capable of providing excellent results all year long? Or are you looking for some specialised help from a team of knowledgeable, industry experts, ready to answer your gate hinge questions and queries? 

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