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With Keeler Hardware's quality door latches, you'll get the look, security and protection that you need. Door latches for entrance doors and bedroom doors suitable for your home. Commercial latches for hotel rooms, dormitories, apartments, offices, and other facilities. Built with quality materials these door latches feature strong construction withstanding frequent use. No matter what type of latch you want we have it and designed to be easy to install and operate. Latches for internal doors, sliding and external doors. Providing you with convenience with functionality. Having reliable latches on a door is essential for keeping out unwanted entry for those inside. Our door latches come in a variety of finishes such as brass, chrome, and nickel to match any décor. We understand the importance of both style and security when it comes to your doors. We ensure each latch looks great and offers door security. Competitive prices make it easier for you to upgrade or replace your existing door latch set. Experience fast shipping across Australia and hassle-free returns. We're here to help you find the perfect door latches for your home or business. Trust Keeler Hardware for all your hardware latches. There is a wide selection of door latches available in our online store in a variety of styles and finishes. All available to match door hardware and door handles.

Door Latch Types For Any Kind Of Door

If it's a glass French door, or a sliding door, a screen door, or a gate, we offer latches for any kind of door. You can shop for magnetic passage door latches and magnetic rebate kits. Upgrade to digital lock latches. Tubular mortice latches, door security rack bolts, and tubular dead latches from us. There are several other types of door latches we offer. Including roller latches, privacy latches, tubes, screen door latches, and extension tubes. Among the finishes available for door latch hardware include. Brass, satin chrome, antique copper, antique brass, matte black, and polished chrome. It is possible to choose from a variety of styles and colors of door latches. The door latches we offer are easy to install and maintain. Our door lock latch products are ideal for do-it-yourself installation and repairs. In addition to traditional door latch types, we also offer digital door latches. Featuring keyless entry and remote access control. Residential and commercial properties can benefit from these modern external door lock solutions. With our door locks, you can rest assured knowing that your family is safe and secure at all times. The latch locks we offer at Keeler Hardware are affordable and of high quality. It is our guarantee that our latch door products will meet all safety requirements and will last for years to come. Among the trusted door handle latch brands we carry are. Bellevue, Borg, Brava, and Briton. Carbine, Delf, Gainsborough, Lockwood, Nidus, Parisi, Superior Brass, Tradco, and Trio. For businesses and homes, we offer a wide variety of affordable and quality door lock latches.

Secure Your Door With A Latch Lock

The latch lock is a common type of locking mechanism that consists of a bolt or bar that acts as a barrier. Preventing the door from opening without the key. Feeling safe and secure in your home is important to us. Our high quality latch locks withstand forceful entry attempts and keep intruders out. Made from durable materials such as stainless steel or solid brass, our latch locks last. These latches supplied by trusted manufacturers who adhere to strict quality standards. So you can trust that they will last for a long time. Don't compromise on the safety and style of your doors. There is a latch to suit every style, if it's modern, traditional, or industrial. Choose latches from different sizes and functions. Double cylinder latches for added security on external doors or privacy latches for internal doors. Installing a latch lock is also easy. No need for complicated tools or professional help. Installing your new latch lock requires only basic DIY skills. Plus, our team at Keeler Hardware is always ready to assist you with any questions you may have about our door latching products.

Door Latch Selection Made Easy

With our large latch selection online. We can provide our customers with the best security options possible. You can buy latches in Australia from us, and we can provide the installation support you need to make sure they are installed. When it comes to latches online, we are the experts in everything from product selection to installation. Buying a door handle latch from us will ensure that you make the right selection for your locks and doors. We will provide you with the best door latches for sale in the country. Stainless steel door latches are the best choice for safety and protection. Shop a wide variety of designs and finishes to match your personal style and home decor. Trust that our products will withstand daily use and provide reliable security for your doors. To accommodate our extensive selection of door latches. We also offer innovative features such as keyless entry systems and smart locks. These advanced technologies provide an added layer of convenience and security for your property. Upgrade your home's security today with our premium selection of door latches. Trust us to provide you with not any latch, but the best one on the market. We have the door locking latch selection for sale that you can count on. Shop our collection of door handle latches online as well as stainless steel door latches and find exactly what you need today. If you have door latch questions. Need our expert installation advice, please feel free to contact us.

Door Latches You Need To Protect Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, get the best available latches. A durable and sturdy front door, is only secure when equipped with a stainless steel door handle and latch. This guarantees its ability to offer the proper amount of protection whilst outdoors. Choosing from our latches for sale will ensure the functionality of your door. Buy latch locks for doors and get the guaranteed protection that you need. A sliding door latch for screen doors is an essential piece of hardware that helps to secure your home and keep your loved ones safe. These latches are specifically designed for use on sliding screen doors. Commonly found in homes with patios, decks, or other outdoor areas. They allow you to open and close the door while keeping insects and debris out. One of the main benefits of using a sliding door latch is the added security it provides. With a simple flick of a lever or push button mechanism. The latch securely locks both sides of the screen door together. Making it difficult for intruders to gain access to your home. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are well-protected.