Door Lock Packs


Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler gives you many choices when it comes to door lock packs. We understand the struggle of looking for matching door hardware that goes with the design or style or the entire house or building. To make things easier for you, we offer different styles of door lock packs that you can choose from.

These lock packs are made of quality materials and are ideal to use in any kind of door or gate. The locks are easy to install and suited for heavy-duty use. Since they are easy to install, our products are perfect for do-it-yourself installation, repairs, and maintenance.

You can use the lock packs for bedroom doors, hotel or office entrances, restrooms, bathrooms, barns, storerooms, and gates.

We sell different sets of door lock packs to accommodate your specifications and design.

Our door lock packs are available in gold, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, and silver to suit the different design of your home or establishment.

We sell trusted and well-known brands such as Briton, Kaba, Lockwood, and Sylvan.

We sell affordable door lock packs at Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler. For as low as $125.00, you can buy door lock pack - made of quality materials, that fits your needs and specifications.

You can order in bulk to update your stocks or buy a single pack for DIY installation and maintenance for your home or apartment.

You can visit the pages of our website to see the full range of our selections or visit our stores in Sydney. If you need help in choosing the high-quality door lock packs for your home or establishment, don't hesitate to send us a message at

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