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Door Handles in Sydney from SCL

Keeler Hardware / SCL Keelers has a wide variety of door hardware and accessories. We offer different kinds of door handles and knobs that you can choose from, to find the right product that matches your needs and specifications.

The door handles and knobs we offer in our online store and stores in Australia come in different types and finishes. This is to make sure that we are able to accommodate your needs, for you to leave our stores as happy and satisfied customers.

Ambulant disabled toilet door, entrance knob and lever set, storeroom knob set, door handle, entrance lever set, classroom knob and lever set, and passage knob set are among the products that we offer. Our selection also includes privacy knob and lever set, door lock pack, door push plate, exit door pack, pull handle, and door pull. We also have door lever, door push plate, doorknob, paradigm pull, entrance pull, entry handle, and spacer rings.

The door handles and knobs we offer are available in satin stainless steel, polished brass, and antique copper finish. Other finishes include stainless steel, polished and satin chrome, antique and matte black.

Our door hardware and accessories are easy to install and maintain, and are ideal for DIY installation and repair.

We sell popular brands such as Brava, Briton, Colombo, Delf, Emro, Habitat, JMA, Kaba, Legge, Lockwood, Madinoz, Nidus, Parisi, Quality, RiteFit, Superior Brass, Sylvan, Tradco, Trio, and Zanda.

At Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler, we offer high-quality products that are affordable. From a starting price of $2.00, you can buy the door handle and knob that suits your specification.

We have a special offer for you. When you buy over $99.00 worth of products, you can have your orders delivered to your doorstep for FREE!

If you need help in choose the best door handles and knobs for you, don't hesitate to send us a message at

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