Door Handles


Upgrade or Replace Door Handles Online

Choosing the perfect door handle for your home is not a decision to take lightly. The right handle can greatly impact both the functionality and beauty of your space. With a variety of factors to consider, such as material, style, and finish. Keeler Hardware makes it easier to choose. Door handles and knobs of high quality are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. From modern and sleek designs to classic vintage options. Handles come in various finishes. Like brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, black and more. From new door handles to replacements, we have every handle you need.

Unlock Your Doors Style With Modern Door Furniture & Handles

Enhance the appearance and practicality of your doors, with our premium range of door handles. We provide high quality door handles and hardware to builders, contractors, and DIYers. No matter what your decor style is, you'll find the right door handle. Sourced from reputable manufacturers, modern made from brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. With a variety of handle types available. Including door lever handles, door knobs, door pull handles, flush pulls, and more. To make finding the ideal door handle solution simple. Trust us as your go to supplier for modern door handles. We offer fast shipping times and competitive pricing online.

Discover The Best Door Knobs And Handles

When it comes to home decor, every little detail matters. That's why choosing the right set of door knobs and handles is crucial. We make it easier to choose a set with a wide variety of knobs and handles in stock. Choosing a style of handle that complements your door's overall appearance. When thinking about popular colours for door hardware. There are a few trends that have gained popularity in recent years. Matte black hardware is one of these trends. Another sought after colour is brass handles. Known for its timeless appeal when used on both door knobs and handles. Oil rubbed bronze is also a popular choice. We carry the latest architectural door handle styles for customers across Australia. Constantly sourcing new designs from around the globe. Offering a diverse range of options online. Including contemporary, traditional, modern, and minimalist styles.

We understand how difficult choosing door knobs to match your door can be. We want to help you with this process by carrying a wide selection of top-quality door knobs. Door knobs can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They often come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and colours to match any decor or style. Traditional like our brass door knobs or modern styles like brushed nickel door knobs. There's an option that will work for you. If you want classic brass pieces or modern internal sets, we have the ideal product for you.


How Do External & Internal Handles Differ?

It is important to note the differences between internal and external door handles. The internal door handles are for indoor use. In homes, offices or general entryways. While external handles. Are crafted for outdoor doors. Such as front and back entrances.

When choosing new handles or door knobs. Internal doors require privacy. While external doors need to provide security. For a handle that meets both needs. We recommend our external door options.

Material is another essential factor to keep in mind when looking at door handles and knobs. Internal doors often are softer materials like wood. While external doors have more durable options, such as metal or hardwood. This consideration plays an integral role in selecting a handle. One that complements your chosen style, finish, use and door type.


Choosing Between A Door Knob or Door Handle?

Understanding the difference between a door knob and door handle. Each type affects the choice of hardware. Door knobs are round and mounted to the door with a set of screws. You can also get door handles round. Often a door handle is flat and mounts to the door with two screws. Door handles are elongated. Have a lever that is operated by a handle and used on exterior doors. Providing more security than knobs. It might be best to go with a door knob if you're searching for something traditional. Door handles and round door handles may be a better choice if you want a more modern look.

Nowadays, our customers prefer door handles more so than door knobs. Both styles have their own unique appeal.


How To Remove Door Handles With Ease?

While removing a door handle may appear daunting. It is a task completed easy with the appropriate tools and methods. The initial step involves gathering all the necessary materials. A screwdriver, pliers, and an allen wrench. Once you have these items at hand. Locate the screws on both sides of the handle and utilise the screwdriver to loosen them. To uncover hidden screws. Insert an allen wrench into a small hole or slot on the underside of the handle. After removing all screws. Pull apart both sides of the door handle until they separate. This may need some force if there is any adhesive or paint holding them together. After detaching the handle. Use pliers to remove any extra components still attached to the door. Be sure to clean any leftover residue or debris from the door, before installing your new door handle. Using these steps, you can remove a door handle and get your door looking as good as new in no time.


The Secret to Fixing Loose Door Handles

A loose door handle can be a frustrating issue to deal with. It can affect the functionality and security of your door. Fixing a loose handle is a simple task completed in a few easy steps. The first step is to determine the cause of the looseness. Often, it is due to worn out screws or misaligned parts. To fix this, replace any worn out screws and tighten them with a screwdriver. You may also need to adjust any misaligned parts. By loosening and repositioning them before tightening them back into place. If the handle itself appears damaged or broken. You may need to replace it. This involves purchasing a new lever handle that matches your existing one in size and style. Removing the old lever handle and installing the new one.

A common cause of a loose handle, is a stripped screw hole on either side of the handle. To fix this, you can use wooden toothpicks. Or matchsticks dipped in wood glue to fill the holes. Before reinserting and tightening the screws. Once your door handle is fixed. Test it by opening and closing the door a few times. Ensuring that it is functioning correct. By following these steps. You can fix a loose door handle. Restoring both functionality and security to your door.