Stylish Tradco shelf brackets

Ensure your shelves stand out in all the right ways with Keeler Hardware’s range of designs. Choose from a selection of trendy colours, styles and features for the perfect look and fit for your space.

These intricate and ornate designs feature unique styles and patterns and are available in polished brass, matte black and polished brass variations, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Shelving is a great way to display precious memories and items that are very important to you, and our brackets add the elegance and class to make these a focal point of the room. These products are also robust, made to last, and simple to install.

How to install Tradco shelf brackets

This is typically a simple process that even a beginner at DIY projects can complete.

However, before you screw in the product to your wall, there are a few steps to go through first. These steps are essential to ensure the result looks neat and tidy and remains in place.

First of all, determine how much weight you’re likely to put on this kind of surface. This will impact where you can hang it overall. If there’s likely to be heavy items placed on the shelf, positioning it at a lower height is ideal. It’s also important to consider that heavier payloads put pressure on your wall.

Once you have determined where the appropriate position is for your space, mark the area with a pencil by using a level. Line up the shelf bracket to ensure it’s straight.

Then, use your drill to slowly put in starter or pilot holes using the required screws. Don't embed them into the wall just yet; this is when you can line up the piece again and screw the design in tightly to secure it to the wall.

If you could not find a wall stud, use an anchor to help strengthen and secure the fitting.

From there, your shelves are ready for hanging. Simply secure it to your brackets with screws.

Keeler Hardware offers a full range of door hardware to complete this job efficiently. We also provide essentials like door stops, knobs and hinges for all requirements. Our entire collection has been sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the industry; all products provide longevity and security, allowing for exceptional quality at great prices.

For more information on our range, for reliable advice, get in touch with our helpful team. We’re always more than happy to provide guidance or answer any questions you may have about your hardware needs.