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For the ultimate cabinet hardware and accessories. Keeler Hardware has you covered. One of Australia's largest online suppliers of cabinet handles. From sleek bathroom cabinet handles, to stylish handles and pulls. We have everything you need to elevate the look and functionality of your cabinets. Our range also includes kitchen hardware. Such as cupboard knobs and kitchen cabinet handles. That will add a touch of elegance to any culinary space. But it doesn't stop there. We offer an extensive selection of glass cups, corbels, backplates. Ring pulls and flush pulls. Trunk handles, drop handles, turn buttons, catches, latches, and cardholders too. And with finishes like. Black handles or black chrome, polished brass, stainless steel, and antique copper available. You're guaranteed to find something that suits your taste. Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics. Our cabinet hardware is crafted from materials like. Plastic, cut glass, wire, and ceramic ivory. Ensuring durability that will withstand daily use. Moreover, the brands we carry including. Delf, Firstlock, Kethy, Madinoz, Nidus Parisi, Superior Brass Tradco and Zandaare. Renowned for their excellence in both style and function. Adding an extra layer of security is no problem either. We have various keyed cabinet locks. Along with dependable cabinet door handles to keep everything safe. While enhancing accessibility. With Keeler Hardware. You don't have to compromise on style or quality. Made from the finest materials and designed for lasting performance. This hardware can transform any room into something beautiful.

We Stock Cabinet Handles

Here at Keeler Hardware, we stock the best cabinet hardware range around. We have a huge selection of cabinet pull handles. In different finishes and styles, so you're sure to get the right handle for your cabinets. You will find in our cabinet hardware range. A lot of different styles of cabinet handles. Choosing cabinet pull handles that match your taste, style is crucial. If you're looking to keep the hardware for cabinets more classic or contemporary. There are a variety of pull handle designs to choose from. Each with its own unique features and functionality. For a traditional look. You may opt for ornate handles with intricate details and finishes such as brass or bronze. These can add an elegant touch to your cabinets and bring out the classic charm in your room. If you prefer a more modern aesthetic consider sleek and minimalist pulls. Made from steel or nickel, giving your cabinets a clean and streamlined appearance. In various shapes to suit all types of cabinets. Straight bars or curved loops, giving you plenty of options to match your personal style. You'll find the perfect cabinet knob or pull handle. To complete the look of your cabinetry hardware in our selection.

Find The Perfect Drawer Hardware

Choosing drawer hardware from our cabinet hardware range requires some consideration. Style of the drawer handle, and does it suit the room is important. Our drawer hardware range offers a wide range of handle styles. Picking one that complements the overall look of the piece of furniture is easy. Choose drawer and cupboard handles that are easy to install. Comfortable to use, and match the drawers' shapes. It's important to maintain the overall style and appearance of drawer hardware. Odd drawer handles can affect the look and feel. Some drawer handles are quite small, while others are quite large. It is important to consider the finish of the handle. There are many different finishes available in the cabinet hardware collection. It is important to pick one that will match door handles the other door hardware in the room.