Yale Safes


Get your Yale Certified Safe from SCL and Protect your Valuables Today

Yale is one of the oldest international brands in locking industry. The company is best-known for making high-quality locks and safes, hence their tagline ""the world's favorite lock"".

This popular brand has been providing quality locks since 1840 when Linus Yale Sr. started designing and manufacturing high-security locks in his shop in Newport, New York.

At Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler, we have a selection of Yale safes that you can choose from to help you find the best safe that meets the level of security you need.

We have certified safes, document safes, and laptop safes. We offer safes in different sizes (small, medium and large) to accommodate your needs and specifications.

Our Yale safes are equipped with the latest technology to keep you belongs safe wherever you are. Having one at home or in the office helps in preventing thieves and intruders from stealing your belongings.

Our safes are perfect for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

SCK Keeler offers cost-efficient and certified safes. For as low as $109.00, you buy a safe that offers maximum protection for your belongings.

Please note that safes and other bulky items are excluded from our free shipping deal. Should you have any queries about our products and shipping options, you can email us at cs@keelerhardware.com.au.

You can check our website or visit our stores in Sydney to see the full selection of products we offer. We also offer have suggested products that are frequently bought with our Yale safes.

Yale Certified Safe: The Most Innovative in Safe Technology

When you buy a Yale safe, you are guaranteed to have the best possible protection for all of your belongings because of the exceptional technology that is utilised with every Yale certified safe. A Yale safe will come complete with an electronic lock with a digital keypad and a reinforced locking mechanism. A Yale safe from Sydney will also feature armoured and reinforced walls and doors to deter thieves. Whether you buy your Yale safe online or in our store, you will benefit from the best possible protection guaranteed. With a Yale safe in Sydney, you will never need to worry about your belongings being stolen because a Yale certified safe will provide you with all the protection you need using the latest in technology. If you would like to buy a Yale safe from SCL, please feel free to come to our store today and see which Yale safe for sale is right for you. You can also contact us with any questions you may have about any Yale safe online and we would be happy to help in any way we can.