Flush Door Handles


Flush door handles Online

For interior doors that you do not have to secure, flush door handles are an elegant way to operate them while conserving space.

They are most commonly used for doors that are flush against the frame and sliding doors where a knob would prevent it from going into its recess.

Choosing flush pull handles for sliding doors and other entry points

There are many uses for these kinds of doors, including for ensuites, walk-in robes, panties, linen cupboards, access to garages and much more.

And the benefits are numerous. They can help keep areas compartmentalised, stop household pets or other pets accessing your food, block out noise and help provide an aesthetically pleasing option to an otherwise empty doorway.

They can even be used on cabinets - the options are numerous.

When it comes to the flush pull handles themselves, there is a range of elegant designs available from Keeler Hardware.

Some of these are simple recesses where you can gain the leverage required to open the door. Others have ring pulls which sit flush with the door until you need to pull them out.

There are rectangles, squares, ovals and circles - every kind of shape and style depending on your tastes.

All of these flush pull handles for sliding doors are available in a large range of colours and materials, from basic whites and blacks to silvers and golds and greys and bronzes.

There are options available with latches so you can keep pets and small children from accessing spaces you would rather them not, simple pull mechanisms for sliding doors, full kits for interior doors - the range is endless.

Keeler Hardware only sources these handles from the best suppliers as well so you can be assured of quality and longevity.

Take a look through the vast options available and you will be sure to find the best fit for your needs - or inspiration to install interior doors in your home that you might not have considered before.