FritsJurgens Concealed Pivot Door System

The Fritsjurgens Concealed Pivot Door System is a high end alternative to standard hinges. These can be used for larger or heavier doors and have additional functionality including hold open, adjustable speed, self closing and adjustable back check (to allow the door to open only to a certain angle).

Fritsjurgens Hinges Allow Doors To Swing Smooth and Quiet

If you're looking for the best in pivot hinges. You can't go wrong with a FritsJurgens system from Keeler Hardware. Offering a wide range of pivot hinges to suit any need. From small door pivots to large heavy-duty door pivots. The FritsJurgens Pivot System M and System One. Are both top-of-the-line pivot hinge products that offer the highest quality and durability. For something a little more budget-friendly. Their Pivot System 3 is still an excellent choice. And for doors that need a little extra softness and closeness, their soft close pivot door hinge is the way to go. Whichever option you choose. Rest assured knowing that Keeler Hardware range of FritsJurgens has you covered with the best in pivot hinge technology.

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