Front Door Locks


Exceptionally durable entrance/ Front door locks – curated in Australia 

The entryway of your home is not just your primary access point; it is also a gateway that opportunistic thieves can use to access your premises and steal your valuables. Because of this common activity, it’s important to install quality locks to keep intruders at bay. Safeguard your possessions and family with our quality-orientated selection of products that are also pleasing to the eye.


The threat of burglary is real – install our entry door handles now

Having an intruder come into our home is a threat many of us think only happens to other people. But the reality is that we are all at risk, and recent stats show 225,900 recorded burglaries occurred in Australia in 2017 – which equates to one burglary every three minutes.

One in five Australian homes has been robbed at some point in time, which places our great nation in the top five highest burglary rates globally. Unfortunately, while Australia is considered a lucky country, break-ins and theft are still a major issue. The answer to combatting these threats is a quality set of front door handles designed by an Australian supplier.


Easy steps to protect your home

One of the best ways to ensure your property is secured is to ensure that everyone who lives at the premises understands the risks and their obligations. All-access points should be checked upon leaving the property and the entry door handle locked.

It is also important to keep valuable items out of view, keep curtains drawn and always ensure that the property looks lived in. A great way to do this is by regularly bringing in the mail and giving the apparency of someone being home, even when you’re out (e.g., keeping some lights on).

If you are going away for an extended period, get your neighbours to collect your mail and bring your bins in after collection. These tell-tale signs can make all the difference.

Just because you are at home, that does not mean you are immune to the threat of burglary. Thieves can be brazen and spy easy access to keys, phones, wallets, computers, tablets, or other easy-to-grab items. They will walk right into your home in the daylight hours and take them if given a chance.

Additionally, many burglaries occur at night while people are sleeping, which is why it is advised not to leave your valuables lying around while you are in bed.


Is your front door lock up to scratch?

Are your locks starting to show signs of age? Perhaps they are more undersized or outdated models that don’t offer enough protection for your needs. Don’t take the risk – get the proper hardware to secure your home, keeping all threats well and truly out of your premises.

Keeler Hardware has a full range of devices on offer – including deadbolts, chains, and a wide variety of accessories – such as door stops, knobs, and hinges. But high security should not be at the expense of aesthetics. Our locks and front door handles also look good and are available in Traditional and Contemporary styles as well as various finishes to match your style.