Cavity Sliding Door Hardware


Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler has the widest selection of door hardware online. The cavity sliding door hardware items on our online store and stores and Sydney gives you many choices to choose from, so you can easily find the product that matches the style and design of your doors.

Our selection includes flush pull, sliding door lock, sliding door pull, cavity sliding door lock kit, sliding door privacy mortice set, sliding door privacy set, and flush pull handle. We also sell sliding door passage set, sliding door lock, sliding door passage latch, cavity sliding lock, and flush turn snib.

The door hardware products we sell at Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler are easy to install and designed to last. We sell items that are ideal for do-it-yourself installation and repairs.

Our sliding door hardware is available in chrome, satin chrome, polished chrome, antique copper, and matte black finish to match the style of any door.

Products of trusted and well-known brands like Colombo, Delf, JMA, Lockwood, Madinoz, Nidus, Parisi, Quality, Superior Brass, Tradco, Trio, and Zanda are available on our website and stores in Sydney.

The selection we offer are cost-efficient and made with high-quality materials. For as low as $5.00, you can order cavity sliding door hardware and accessories that match the style and design of your door.

You can order our products in individual pieces or buy in sets and bulks to update your stock.

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To see the full range of selection of the products we offer, you can look at the pages of our website or visit our stores in Sydney.

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