Smart Locks


Smart Door Lock Range

Say goodbye to fumbling your keys in the dark. Or getting locked out of your house altogether. With a smart lock from Keeler Hardware, you can say hello to a more convenient and secure way of entering your home. Our smart locks allow you to ditch the traditional key and use your smartphone or a code instead. The smart door lock range comes with a variety of features that make each smart lock ideal for any home. One of the main benefits of a smart lock is its convenience. Keyless entry eliminates the need to carry around many keys. Not only are our smart locks convenient and secure, but they are also stylish and easy to install. With sleek designs and many finish options in stock. Our smart door locks will complement any decor. From basic models that need a code or smartphone app to unlock. To more advanced options with fingerprint recognition technology. Upgrade your home today with one of our smart door locks. Experience the ultimate in convenience, security, and style.

Homes Need Smart Digital Entrance Door Locks

In today's modern age, technology has transformed every aspect of our lives. This includes the way we secure and protect our homes. Smart digital entrance door locks have become the new standard for entrance security. These innovative front door locks offer convenience, peace of mind, and enhanced security features. Smart digital entrance door locks remove the need for physical keys. This is useful when you have guests staying over or if you misplace your keys often. Digital entrance door locks are also versatile and customisable. You can assign unique codes to different family members or visitors. Making it easier to keep track of who enters and leaves your house at all times. Make your front door memorable and safe with digital smart lock.

Remove Key Hassles With A Smart Digital Door Lock

It's no secret that we've all been there. Scrambling for keys looking through our pockets and bags to find our keys. All you need is your smartphone or a combination keypad to unlock your door. No more bulky keychains required with one of our keyless entry door locks. The high level of security provided by smart locks. Is another advantage of their integration. Each door lock comes with advanced encryption technology. To prevent hacking and unauthorised access. Many of our smart digital locks come with built in Wi-Fi. So you can connect them to your smartphone or other smart devices. Bluetooth door locks use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smartphone. And if you ever lose your phone, most smart locks have a backup key code that you can use to get into your home. Smart locks use cutting edge technology. Smart door lock installation is simple and hassle free. Replace your existing deadbolt with our smart lock following the instructions provided. Upgrade your home security. With an electric smart door lock from our door lock keyless entry collection.

Smart Digital Locks For Sliding Doors

Smart sliding door digital door locks are a great addition to any home or office. Provide both security and convenience in a modern home with sliding doors. Sliding doors give greater access to rooms or outdoor areas. Having the convenience of a digital lock or smart lock eliminates fumbling for keys. This is especially useful when carrying groceries or other items in and out of your home. With the rise of smart home technology. Sliding door smart locks can integrate with security systems and security cameras. Allowing for even more control and convenience. A sliding door digital lock is not only a practical choice, but it adds an extra layer of protection and modernity as well.

How Smart Locks Differ From Electronic Door Locks?

Electronic locks and smart locks are both types of locking mechanisms. Each offer a variety of security features. Some of these may appear similar in style. There are some key differences between them. A smart lock that uses digital technology allows you to unlock and lock doors remotely from your phone or other device. Electronic locks rely on an electronic code or card to gain entry into the premises. Digital smart locks usually come with added features. Like auto-lock timers and biometric scanning options. Digital smart locks can integrate into existing security systems. Whereas an electronic lock needs separate installation.

Is It Easy To Break Into A Smart Locked Door?

With various security features, smart locks can protect against unwanted intrusions. It is no secret that security systems are not foolproof, and smart locks can be broken in a variety of ways. Professionals who know how these locking systems work. Can pick or bypass them. If the home owner has not changed the default code on their smart lock since when they purchased it. Electric door locks can be easily unlocked by a potential intruder. It is important to change your codes frequently to keep this from happening. Make sure to keep the code secret.

How Smart Door Locks Work?

Smart door locks use advanced technology for a secure way of locking and unlocking doors. These locks can accessed remotely through a smartphone app or with the use of voice commands. Making it easy for homeowners to manage access to their homes even when they are away. One of the main components of a smart door lock is its keyless entry system. Replacing traditional keys with codes or digital keys stored on a smartphone. The locking mechanism itself also differs from traditional locks. Most smart door locks have motorised deadbolts. These activate when entering the correct code or via the mobile app. Some models also have biometric features such as fingerprint scanners for added security. To enable remote control, smart door locks connect to home Wi-Fi networks. This allows users to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere in the world. So long as they have an internet connection. It also enables real-time monitoring, so homeowners can keep track of who enters and exits their homes at all times.