Automatic Door Seals


Automatic Bottom Door Seals In Various Sizes

The automatic door seal is used for closing gaps around door frames (the jambs and headers). By closing the gaps along the door frame, sound, light, draughts, moisture, fire, and smoke can all be significantly reduced. Upon opening the door, the door seal lifts parallel to the floor due to a spring loaded mechanism. The automatic door seal is operated by pressing the adjustable strike button against the door jamb. This creates a tight seal between the door and frame, preventing any unwanted elements from entering or escaping the room. Automatic bottom door seals are made with high-quality materials such as durable rubber and solid brass, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. It can be easily installed on both interior and exterior doors, making it a versatile choice for various door hardware applications. Overall, investing in an automatic bottom door seal is a wise decision for any building owner or manager looking to improve energy efficiency and enhance door security measures. With its efficient performance and discreet design, it is no wonder that this type of door seal has become increasingly popular in various industries today.