Concealed Door Closer


Concealed Door Closers Australia

To prevent doors from slamming shut and causing injuries, you can purchase a DORMA concealed door closer which allow them to slide slowly back into the closed position.

They are operated by a spring-loaded mechanical arm that allows you to easily open the design and load the device and then let it go without worrying about it rapidly closing.

It is also beneficial because it means the door will always return to a closed position if the operator forgets, which can be helpful when there are children or pets in the premises or if you want to keep the elements out.

Models such as the Dorma TS 73 EMF or Lockwood FD480 can ensure fire exits are closed in commercial premises, prevent slamming which can cause damage or injury, control the open swing of the door and also assist with security in homes and businesses.

Sometimes, though, you want to ensure the closer component is hidden and not visible.

When it comes to commercial and industrial properties (although this is a factor at private homes as well), an obvious mechanism can become a target for vandalism. They could be tampered with or damaged without your knowledge which could create an access point for criminals after hours. Aside from the risk of being burgled, this damage also means you need to incur the cost of a replacement.

They are also more hygienic as there is less of an exposed area where bacteria and other germs can rest.

Concealed Overhead Hydraulic Door Closers

Keeler Hardware has a range of consealed door closer options available, including concealed automatic door closers and other hidden closer options, all of which are strong and durable. Rest assured they will get the job done without being obvious to those using the door handles or in the surrounding area. As these designs are much smaller and have a lower profile than traditional options, they need to be engineered correctly so they are not weaker.

Our range is made from the sturdiest material with the best design from industry-leaders in safety and security. You can install our products with full peace of mind that you will get all of the benefits of having a door closer without any of the issues that may come associated with them.