Door Kickplates


Stainless Steel Door Kick Plates To Secure Your Home

Kickplates are ideal for ensuring general wear and tear protection over time in public, commercial, industrial and other high traffic areas. As most people use their feet to keep a door open, these entry points go through damage and high traffic as the years go on. Even children and pets can inflict harm to these areas, so it’s important to replace hardware when required, to ensure your property is still at the highest level of protection. That’s where kick plates come in. They provide a steel protective barrier across the bottom of your entryway, acting as a shield from oncoming foot traffic.

How To Install A Kick Plate

These kick plates have been specifically designed for easy installation; all you need to do is close the door and place the device in your chosen position, and secure it in place with masking tape, ensuring it’s level. You can then mark out your positions for the holes. Using a variable speed drill, create the pilot holes and then secure the product in place with strong screws. Alternatively, you can also choose the concealed fix option which can be glued on (with glue or adhesive).

How High Should The Door Plate Be Positioned?

This depends on your door’s size, but you want the product to be positioned at least 150mm vertically, to be effective. It is also advisable to install the piece at least one inch off the ground to prevent it from catching and dragging.

Keeler Hardware has a wide range of different sized options, suitable for everything from small suburban homes through to large-scale commercial and industrial spaces.

Kick Plates & Hardware For Fibreglass Doors?

Because fibreglass entryways have a wooden frame running around the outside, you can still install a range of different hardware products – including door handles, locks, hinges and kick plates. Be sure to measure the width of the frame precisely. This ensures you choose a solution that will reach all areas of the entry point.

No matter what kind of hardware you are looking for, Keeler Hardware has you covered with the leading suppliers’ best options. Browse our range of Commercial Door Hardware, Door Closers , Pull Handles & Push Plates and more.