Architectural Door Hardware


Architectural door hardware, combining aesthetics with functionality

Are you looking to add a finer touch to your home or business property? Keeler Hardware has sophisticated door hardware available to suit modern and antique settings, as well as everything in between. From rustic styles to glorious shining gold and silver-plated options, we have everything you need to make your entryways stand out and become an integral part of your architecture.

Many of our options were inspired by some of the mid-century’s most fabulous designers. Browse a collection that’s backed by plenty of options across doors, cabinets, cupboards, and overall home or commercial property purposes.


Looking for elegant architectural door handles in Australia?

Across Melbourne, Sydney, and the wider country, we offer a range of levers that are designed to remain in line with current interior trends, all the while being highly functional. They are available in curved or straight designs and thick or thin variants. Then, take your pick from selecting different finishes and coatings, depending on your style and property’s aesthetics.

Browse various sizes for use throughout endless applications – including entrances, internal areas, cupboards, cabinets, and furniture items. End the need to find products that are both functional and pleasing to the eye – our selection has everything you need to make an impact.


For cupboards and more

Our range has been carefully curated due to its modern nature and ability to withstand rigorous wear and tear. Best of all, they combine seamlessly with antique furniture items, solid wooden doors, and decor from all walks of life. Choose from curvy designs through to shiny variants that catch the eye – the choice is yours.


Stylish backplates for protection and decoration

Backplates make a great ornamental addition to your entryways and will also protect your door from wear and tear. More importantly, they’re also crucial to architectural design elements, bringing balance to a room and allowing you to add pops of colour or texture to your space – e.g., hints of bronze, silver, and gold.

Installing these backplates is also a great way to make your existing hardware look brand-new, without the need to replace them entirely. 


Spring hinges allow for simple installations

Also included in this range are our spring-loaded hinges, allowing you to safely and quickly hang your door. They are made from extremely durable metals and don’t require adjustments; line up your frame, install it, and away you go.

Browse the Keeler Hardware collection for all of your needs across door hardware, knobs, hinges, and accessories now. We cater to purposes throughout residential, commercial, or industrial projects, backing you across every possible need for your fittings. Shop online now for delivery throughout Melbourne, Sydney, and wider Australia.