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We have a wide selection of quality window hardware products. From the cost-efficient to top of the range/high-end window hardware and accessories. All of our window winders, hooks, clips, window closers, accessories, and window fittings are affordable, so you can get everything you need in one place. Keeler Hardware stocks a wide range of window hardware and accessories, including window parts from popular and trusted brands such as Quality, Whitco, Interlock, Gainsborough, Tradco, Superior Brass, Delf, Lockwood, and Remsafe. For added security, we offer different keying options for your windows. You can choose between non-locking windows or keyed to differ window locks, depending on the level of security you require. The window hardware and accessories we offer at Keeler Hardware are easy to install and adjust. Our window opener ranges are designed to last and are made of good quality materials for smooth and even closure.

If your old window hardware needs maintenance or upgrading, you can explore our website pages to find the window parts and accessories you need. We have window fittings and accessories, window latch and window fasteners, locks, sash balances, sash lifts, window chain winder, and casement stays. Our window hardware is not only functional, but also adds a touch of style to your windows. We have a variety of finishes available, from traditional brass and chrome to more modern black and nickel options. Our window parts selection includes both classic and contemporary designs, so you can find the perfect match for your home's aesthetic. In addition to our window hardware, we also offer expert advice and support to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about installation or maintenance. Our team at Keeler Hardware has years of experience in the industry and we are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. We understand that each home is unique, which is why we offer such a wide range of window fittings. If you are looking for replacement window parts for an old window or wanting to upgrade to new window handles and brackets, we have something for everyone. Don't let faulty window hardware ruin the functionality and appearance of your windows any longer. Shop with us at Keeler Hardware for high-quality window parts and window fittings that will last for years to come. Update your windows with ease by browsing our website today!


Window Winder Hardware From Keeler Hardware

High-quality window winder hardware in stock online at Keeler Hardware offering an extensive range of window winder hardware to suit all your needs, whether you're looking for something basic or something more advanced. From traditional brass window hardware including hand-operated models to more modern designs, we have something to suit everyone. No matter if you need a new window winder or window casement for a home renovation project or for a commercial building, our window and casement window hardware range is made of high-quality materials. We have the perfect window winder for your home renovation project or commercial building. Our window winder hardware is designed to make opening and closing windows effortless. With smooth window chain winder operation and durable materials, our window winders are built to last. We understand the importance of both functionality and aesthetics when it comes to choosing window hardware, which is why we offer a variety of styles and finishes to complement any design scheme. Trust Keeler Hardware for all your window winder hardware needs, and experience the difference in quality and service that sets us apart from the rest.


Our Window Parts Include Window Locks, Sash Balances, And Winders

Window accessories for high-quality window hardware available at Keeler Hardware with a wide range of window parts, from locks , casement stays and winders to sash balances and more. In need of a new handle for your window or a new push lock for added security, we have what you're looking for. We source our window products directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure you're getting the best possible quality and price for window hardware. So browse our selection today and find the perfect window hardware for your needs.

When shopping for window hardware or if you are simply stocking up for parts, if you need further advice or assistance in choosing the best or specified window hardware and accessories, don't hesitate to contact the team, we will give you the information you need as soon as we can. At Keeler Hardware, we understand the importance of having well-functioning windows in your home or business. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of window parts, window fittings and accessories to ensure that your windows are operating smoothly and securely. Our range includes everything from window locks for added safety and peace of mind, to window chain winders for effortless opening and closing. We also have a variety of window winders available for those hard-to-reach windows, making it easier than ever to let fresh air into your space. As a leading window parts supplier in the industry, we pride ourselves on sourcing our products directly from trusted manufacturers to guarantee top quality at competitive prices. If you're looking for simple replacements or upgrading your existing window hardware, our team is always happy to provide expert advice and assistance in finding the perfect solution for your specific needs. 


Window Hardware For Different Types Of Windows

There are a few different types of windows used in both residential and commercial buildings, and each type works best with certain types of window opening mechanisms. For example, casement windows are best suited for cranks or handles, while double-hung windows work best with sashes. Sliders, on the other hand, are usually best equipped with rollers. Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward and have a casement window stay to keep secure. This type of window is often used in bathrooms or kitchens because it provides good ventilation. Cranks, stays and handles are the most common type of window hardware used with casement windows, although some models do have levers. Double-hung windows have two sashes that move up and down independently. This type of window is a good choice for rooms that need a lot of light, such as living rooms or bedrooms. The most common hardware used with double-hung windows are sashes, but some models do come with pulleys.Sliders are similar to double-hung windows in that they have two sashes, but they open horizontally instead of vertically. This type of window is often used in basements or garages because it doesn't take up as much space as a traditional window. Rollers are the most common type of hardware used with sliders, although some models do come with guides. Whatever style you choose, make sure the hardware is durable and easy to operate.


The Role Of Window Hardware In Home Security

The role of window hardware in home security is often underestimated. While strong doors and locks are important, well-made windows and window hardware can be just as effective in keeping your home safe. Burglars and intruders typically look for the weakest point of entry, and if your windows are secure with a window latch, they may move on to an easier target. There are a few things to consider when choosing window hardware for your home. Firstly, make sure the window fittings are strong and durable. Secondly, look for window parts and window latches that have been tested for security. Thirdly, choose hardware that is appropriate for the type of window you have. Finally, ensure that the window hardware is installed correctly by a professional. Strong and reliable window hardware like a window latch can make a big difference in protecting your home from burglars and intruders. By taking the time to choose the right window latch and having them installed properly, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that your home is as safe as possible. Window latches are designed to keep your windows securely closed, preventing them from being forced open. They come in a variety of styles and materials, so it's important to choose one that best fits the type of window you have. For example, casement windows typically require a different type of latch than sliding windows.Not only do window latches provide added security for your home, but they also offer convenience. With a simple turn or push of the latch, you can easily open or close your window without having to use additional tools or force. This is especially helpful during emergency situations where quick ventilation may be needed.In addition to their practical uses, window latches can also add aesthetic appeal to your home. With various finishes and designs available, you can choose a latch that complements the overall look of your house.It's important to regularly check and maintain your window latches to ensure they are functioning properly. Over time, weather elements and wear-and-tear can cause them to become loose or faulty. By keeping them in good working condition, you can prevent potential break-ins and prolong the life of your windows.Investing in high-quality window hardware like latches is an important step towards securing your home and protecting yourself and loved ones from potential dangers.