Window Hardware


Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler has a wide selection of window hardware and accessories. Whether you need a single piece of window fastener or a set of locks, you can easily find what you need on our website and our stores in Sydney.

We have window accessories, fasteners, locks, sash balances, sash lifts, winders, and casement stays.

Our listing of window hardware and accessories include popular and trusted brands such as Quality, Whitco, Interlock, Gainsborough, Tradco, Superior Brass, Delf, Lockwood, and Remsafe.

If your old window hardware needs maintenance or upgrading, you can explore our website pages to find the parts and accessories you need. If you want to replace your old accessories, we also have new design and styles that you can choose from to add beauty to your home or office.

For added security, we offer different keying options for your windows. You can choose between non-locking windows or keyed to differ window locks, depending on the level of security you require.

The window hardware and accessories we offer at Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler are easy to install and adjust. Our products are designed to last and are made of good quality materials for smooth and even closure.

We have a wide selection of quality products on our list. From the cost-efficient to top of the range/high-end window hardware and accessories. Our items are affordable. For as low as $1.40, you can get the items you need to meet your needs and specifications.

The best part is, when you buy over $99 worth of products, you will have your orders shipped to your doorstep for FREE.

If you need advice or assistance in choosing the best window hardware and accessories, don't hesitate to send us a message at We will give you the information you need as soon as we can.