Pivot Door Hardware


Pivot door hardware a popular modern solution

Traditionally, doors in homes and businesses have been hinged. While there are many other options available including sliding and automated doors for commercial premises as well as roller systems and others for home, the traditional hinged option has been the solution of choice for many, many years.

But there has been a shift towards these designs in recent years, which operate by revolving around pivot points located under and above the pivot entry door.

These options add plenty of advantages, including stability, because these pivot door hinges do not have to support the weight of the whole design. Hinges have to shoulder a heavy load and more dense or larger doors can put even more strain on them.

The weight is all managed by the floor and the product itself, which makes them much more stable, especially when there is bad weather like high winds.

The many benefits of pivot door systems

Because these options do not need a frame, this makes them versatile and aesthetically pleasing as well. Pivot door hardware can be installed flush with the wall which makes them a great solution for indoor entry points.

They are also extremely convenient as they open and close easier and more freely than hinged options, do not need as large a clearance area and you don't need to make any adjustments to your floor except for the point itself.

Keeler Hardware has all of the equipment you will need to install pivot door systems and hinges of all shapes and sizes, from smaller options through to large-scale, heavy-duty doors. Our range is available right across Australia and includes kits that can be fully concealed, so that your system will simply glide open and shut without any obvious hardware or the need for a frame.

You can also get full kits for bifold and folding partition designs for your home or business, allowing you to fully seal a large entryway or open it up to the sun and breeze as you choose.

All of our pivot door hardware is sourced from reputable suppliers and is manufactured to the most reliable and durable standards so you can be assured they will be robust and operate smoothly for many, many years.

Browse our range today and discover our difference.