Commercial Door Hardware


The Best Selection of Commercial Door Hardware, Commercial Handles And More

When it comes to businesses, different requirements are needed for access points and doorways.

You want to ensure your property is easily accessible for those that you want to come in while also providing the right level of strength and durability for keeping out those that you do not want to intrude.

Keeler Hardware stocks designs for your commercial door hardware and access point needs, all designed to meet your requirements.

Keep Your Premises Safe With Industrial Door Handles

All of our components, accessories and hardware are supplied by the most reputable brands and manufacturers. That means they are made from durable materials and have passed stringent testing to ensure they can resist the attempts of would-be criminals.

Easy to access for people of all abilities

It is important to remember that some door hardware is not suitable for all people and you want options that will allow all of your clients’ easy access.

We stock commercial grade handles that are easy to grip and operate and can be installed at a height that makes them easy to reach for all of your clients and/or customers.

Closers to prevent injuries and accidents

Another difference between commercial premises and domestic ones is ensuring they are safe for all customers. Our closers can be adjusted to ensure your doors will close gradually, a necessary safety feature in any property that has heavy foot traffic.

These will prevent doors opening and closing quickly which then has the potential to strike customers/clients and cause injuries.

Fire-graded for the protection of you and your customers

In the advent of a fire, it is imperative that all staff and customers are able to exit the property safely.

All of our commercial door hardware has been tested and graded to withstand fire so that your exits will still be able to be used in the case of an emergency and everyone will be able to leave your premises.

Browse our range to find the perfect, functional and safe industrial door handles and hardware for your property. Keeler Hardware has all of the products you need for any new installations, upgrades or replacements to your system, with our guarantee of quality and safety.