Rebated Mortice Lock


Mortice Lock For Rebated Door

An enclosed mortice lock is a type of mortise lock with an inset, or cut-out, in the door that allows for the lock to be flush with the door, creating a more streamlined appearance. Often, rebated mortice locks are used on doors with glass panels, as they offer a more secure and hidden way to lock them. Mortise locks are often the most secure type of lock available, but with a rebated mortice lock, they become even more so. The rebated design makes it harder for anyone to access the inner workings of the lock or pick it open. This additional security ensures that any door fitted with this type of lock is well-protected from unwanted intrusion. Additionally, due to their hidden nature, these types of locks also provide an extra level of style and sophistication to any entrance or interior door.


Rebated Mortice Lock For French Doors

When it comes to securing french doors, finding the perfect lock can be a challenge. Luckily, Keeler Hardwares rebated mortice locks offer an ideal solution for those looking for a hidden lock that seamlessly blends with the door's design. With its cut-out design, this type of mortise lock is perfect for double doors like french doors as it allows the lock to fit flush within the door and creates a streamlined appearance while providing added security. Unlike typical locks for french doors or even a simple french door deadbolt, rebated locks provide an incredibly secure locking mechanism while remaining hidden from view. This means that you'll never have to compromise on style over function when choosing your french door locking options again! So whether you're in need of new french doors locks or simply want to upgrade your current french door lock system, installing rebated mortice locks will not only add extra protection but will also give your home an elegant and sophisticated touch that can't be beat.