Black Door Hardware


Black door hardware available across Australia

If you are looking for some elegance and a bit of the 'wow' factor in your home or business, black door hardware for interiors and exteriors gives you a streamlined point of difference that looks fantastic in almost any environment.

While fixtures, handles and hardware have traditionally been crafted from materials like nickel, chrome or brass, darker shades have rapidly come into vogue as a choice across all door applications and settings.

Matte black door hardware is a terrific neutral design that will go well against pretty much any colour door or interior design setting you have. But it is its appearance next to timber where it really pops, the combination of natural timber and black going together like wine and cheese.

The darker colour is also a benefit when it comes to keeping the hardware clean, as doorknobs crafted of nickel/chrome etc can attract fingerprints which will not be present on matte black options. They are also unlikely to show the signs of age and degradation as quickly as other options, as rust and corrosion will not be as obvious.

Why choose black entry door hardware for your space?

Black handles are also a way to future proof any design or aesthetic changes that you may decide on in the future. The shade literally goes with everything and will match any colour motif you decide to go with down the track and it also matches every material you may want to use in your space like stone, marble and other options.

These darker hardware components really create a unique statement as well and will attract the eye, something door hardware is normally known for.

There is also a range of accessories to go with handles, hinges and other components like handrails, locks and lock kits, sliding systems, kitchen handles and even full frames for a dramatic effect that works beautifully in timber settings (and almost everywhere else).

No matter what kind of design you are looking to upgrade or install, Keeler Hardware has options across the board available for you. From traditional Victorian options to modern sliding systems and every accessory and component required to complete the job, you will find it all in our range of matte black door hardware options within our range.