Door Catches


Magnetic Door Catches and Latches

Ensuring your entry points are as secure as possible takes effort, initial investment and strategic thinking. Luckily, there are plenty of modern innovations on the market these days to further support this. One option is the use of door catches and latches, which act as a great way to maximise the efficiency of your entry points. (For added security you may wish to add a locking mechanism e.g. a mortice lock or a surface mounted deadblot).

Fitted to the front of the top and bottom plates or either your entry point or even cabinets and cupboards, these products ensure easy operation and protection across the board.

Explore our range of roller catches for doors – all available online

At Keeler Hardware, we stop a huge variety of ball catch hardware, guards, accessories and products to ensure you’re able to fulfil your requirements. Suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, our collection includes options that are made for aesthetic appeal and the perfect blend of security.

If you’re not sure where to start or what product would best suit your needs, we recommend getting in touch with the Keeler team to find out more. Contact us now on 02 9712 4550. From knobs through to hinges, viewers and more – we’re here to help.