Metal Gates


Metal Gate Locks and Latches 

At Keeler Hardware, we take pride in specialising in door hardware and locksmith products, with a particular focus on supplying quality hinges for metal or steel gates. We understand the importance of finding the right gate lock and hardware to perfectly match your metal gates, which is why we offer an extensive selection of options. Showcasing a diverse selection of robust metal gate locks, meticulously crafted with utmost precision and durability in mind. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and potential security threats, our exterior gate locks provide peace of mind while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Metal gate latches are available in various finishes, including stainless steel, black powder coat, and antique bronze, allowing you to choose the perfect colour to complement your gates. We also offer different metal gate locking mechanisms such as key-operated locks for added security or latch systems for ease of use. In addition to our selection of gate locks and latches, we also stock a range of accessories such as strike plates and handles to complete your installation. So if you desire a traditional gate lock for metal gates or if you seek a more contemporary looking gate, rest assured that at Keeler Hardware, we have the perfect solution for all your metal gate lock and latch requirements.


Metal Gate Hardware You Can Trust

With our wide range of metal gate hardware, we provide different sizes and finishes to cater to different preferences. We have a wide selection of metal gate hardware so you can find items suited for your needs. Metal gate hardware that is built to last, if you need heavy duty hinges for steel gates or stainless-steel hinges for added durability and aesthetics, we have it covered. Among our comprehensive metal gate hinge and lock assortment, you will discover adjustable gate padbolts, automatic hinges for seamless operation, digital gate locks for enhanced security measures, and even gate lock security boxes for added protection. Our metal gate inventory includes reliable essentials such as metal gate latches, angle post straps designed specifically for metal gates' sturdiness requirements, padbolts ensuring proper closure mechanisms on your precious entrance ways. We ensure that all the brands represented in our metal and steel gate hardware collection are trusted names within the industry known for their exceptional craftsmanship and reliability. Some notable brands available at Keeler Hardware include Adjustco, Bellevue, Borg, Carbine, Elgate, Emro, Lock Focus, and Scope - companies renowned worldwide due to their commitment towards producing top-notch door and gate hardware solutions.


Secure With A Metal Gate Latch

One of the best ways to ensure your metal gate is secure and looks great for years to come is by choosing quality, durable gate latches. Metal gate latches are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are rust-resistant. Look for a gate latch that has a powder coating on its surface or one that uses stainless steel components for added protection against corrosion. A strong metal gate latch also helps keep animals from pushing open the gate or getting stuck between it and the fence posts. To further prevent unwanted access, consider adding metal gate locks to your metal gate latch, a keyed deadbolt system or combination padlock. With careful selection of these gate hardware pieces, you can have peace of mind knowing your gates will stay securely in place no matter what Mother Nature throws at them!


How To Make A Metal Gate Self Closing?

If you have a metal gate that needs to be self-closing, there are several options available to ensure its functionality and convenience. One crucial aspect is choosing the right gate locks for metal gates - sturdy and reliable mechanisms that will secure your gate when closed. Look for high-quality lock systems specifically designed for metal gates, as they offer superior strength and durability. Additionally, steel gate hinges play a vital role in creating a self-closing mechanism. Opt for heavy-duty hinges crafted from strong materials like stainless steel or galvanised steel to withstand the weight of the gate while ensuring smooth operation. To make your metal gate self-closing, first remove any existing hardware that hinders automatic closing and install suitable hinge springs or hydraulic closers on the top corner of the gate hinge side. These devices provide controlled tension that gently pulls the door shut after opening it manually, allowing it to close automatically once released. Remember to adjust them properly so that your gate shuts securely without slamming or sticking midway through closure. By incorporating these elements into your metal gate setup with precision and care, you can achieve an efficient self-closing mechanism that guarantees both security and ease-of-use.