Door Fasteners


Buy The Best Door Fasteners On The Market

We believe you shouldn’t have to live your life under lock and key. Our hardware offers an extensive and stylish range of ways to help you safeguard your property, with door fasteners offering easy security for your entry points, without the need to deadbolt everything tight. With a great range of french door handles, french door locks and french door fasteners, we are sure to have your interior door fastener needs covered.

We Are Door Fastener Suppliers With A Difference

These door fasteners from Keeler hardware are made from sturdy metal and simply latch into place inside your door to prevent access from the outside while you are at home. Unlike other locking mechanisms, these are also aesthetically pleasing, complete with antique, rustic designs that look good in classic and modern settings.

They can also be easily installed to any entry point or surface, offering a simple security method that also adds a touch of class to your home.

One of the main online fastener suppliers, Keeler Hardware has a range of teardrop and square designs, crafted from antique-styled copper, polished chrome, gold plating or matte black options. Dress up your french door hardware, the choice is yours.

A Touch Of Luxury In Your Home With A French Door Fastener

There's something about french door handles and fasteners that just exude luxury. Perhaps it's the sleek lines and elegant curves, or maybe it's the air of sophistication that they bring to your home. Either way, if you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, installing french door handles and locks is a great way to do it. Not only do door handles for french doors add a touch of luxury, but they can also increase your home's resale value. That's because buyers are always looking for homes with high-end door hardware finishes and features, and french door handles and locks definitely fit the bill. So if you're thinking about selling your home in the future, investing in some luxurious french door hardware is a wise move.

Keep Your Entry Points Secure With Door Fasteners

There may be some doors you want to keep inaccessible, but don’t need full locking mechanisms to do so. These include backyard sheds, storage options, or areas that lead to pool filters, etc. You can use fasteners to secure these spaces, as they are strong, wind and weather-resistant and easy to operate. There’s no need to search for a key every time you need to access one of these areas.

Our range of door fasteners are made from solid metal and have been engineered to last for years to come. Typically known to be old-fashioned security options, they are still one of the most secure options on the modern market. Built to last and able to withstand high traffic areas, weather exposure and wear and tear, they’re an affordable and robust solution for all properties.

If you are looking to replace existing hardware or are building and renovating an existing property, we have a complete range of hardware for you to utilise. Browse everything from door handle accessories to front door locks, and more. If you are looking to add a touch of style to your entryways, be sure to check out our range of architectural hardware as well.

All of the Keeler Hardware supplies have been sourced from the most reputable manufacturers and come with our guarantee so you can get the best hardware for the best prices.