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A wall mounted door stop is a simple yet essential item that every home should have. It is designed to prevent doors from damaging walls or furniture when opened too forcefully, and also to keep them securely in place when closed. This makes it an ideal solution for homes with children or pets who tend to slam doors shut. There are various types of wall mounted door stops available at Keeler Hardware, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some are made from durable materials such as stainless steel or rubber, while others come in decorative designs to blend seamlessly with your door handles and door hardware.

The most common type is the rigid door stop, which is typically made of metal or hard plastic and protrudes from the wall at a fixed angle. This type of door stop is ideal for preventing doors from damaging walls or furniture by keeping them in place when opened forcefully. There are also spring-loaded wall mounted stops that have a flexible spring mechanism, allowing them to be easily pushed down when not in use but quickly popping back up to prevent damage if the door swings open too fast. These types of wall door stops are great for high traffic areas where doors may frequently swing open with force. Another option is a magnetic door stop. A wall mounted magnetic door stop uses strong magnets to hold the door in place when it's opened fully. The wall mounted magnetic door stop is especially useful for heavier doors that may require more support to stay open. For those looking for a more discreet option, there are also flush-mounted or floor door stops that sit flush with the ground or wall and can be hidden from view when not in use. 

How To Install A Wall Mounted Door Stop?

Installing a wall mounted door stop is quick and easy, requiring only basic tools like a drill and screws. They can be placed at any desired height on the wall, ensuring that they align perfectly with the doorknob for maximum efficiency. Aside from preventing damage to your walls and furniture, a door stop wall mounted also offers added safety by keeping doors open during heavy foot traffic or windy weather conditions. This allows for better air circulation within the house while reducing the risk of accidentally slamming fingers or toes in closing doors. A wall mounted door stop may seem like a small addition but it serves an important purpose in every household.

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