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Experts In Auto Door Closers

Keeler Hardware offers a wide selection of door closers and floor springs both online and in store Sydney. Our floor spring door closing products come in different styles and mechanisms. The great selection of floor springs we stock are designed to provide safety and convenience. We have a team of experienced staff who can assist you in finding the right spring door closer for your needs whether it is residential or commercial applications. Our commitment to customer service ensures that we will always strive to meet your expectations at every turn – from providing information about each door closer product before you buy; through installation assistance and even after sales advice should you need it.

Prevent Doors From Slamming With A Floor Spring Concealed Door Closer

At Keeler Hardware we recommend using door closers to prevent doors from slamming, so your doors last longer. Our spring door closers are designed to provide smooth and even closure. The soft door closer range we offer allows you to choose from different closer options - hold open, hold open arm, slide track arm, standard arm, and standard arm with backcheck. Available covers include gold, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, silver and black door closer to suit your door handles. You can use our closers and springs for screen door closers residential specification and door closers commercial spec not to forget our sliding door closers, as well as for left or right-hand closing hinged doors. The door closers we offer are easy to install and suited for heavy-duty use and perfect for do-it-yourself installation, repairs, and maintenance at home, apartment, or office.

The designs and styles of our spring door hardware are ideal for bedrooms, hotel rooms, apartments and dormitories entrances, and bathrooms. We offer the best products from trusted brands such as Bellevue, Briton, Delf, Dorma door closers, Hafele, Kaba, Lockwood, Ryobi, Uni, and Whitco. The spring door closer products we sell at Keeler Hardware are affordable and are good quality hardware. You can buy the best door closers and floor springs suited to your design and specification. Our website shows the full range of door closers and floor springs including Concealed Door Closers, Concealed Pivot Door Systems, Heavy Duty Door Closers and Hydraulic Door Closer range.

Designed For High Traffic Areas

Our customers love our range of stylish and sophisticated door hardware and the concealed pivot door system is no different. It is a type of door closing mechanism that is hidden from view. It consists of a pivot door closer, which is a spring-loaded device that is mounted on the floor and attached to the door frame, and a hydraulic spring for door, which is located above the door and helps to counterbalance the weight of the door. The concealed pivot door closer is activated when the door is closed, and it slowly pushes the door back into its original position. The hydraulic spring for the door helps to keep the door in place and prevents it from swinging open too forcefully. Concealed pivot door systems are commonly used in high-traffic areas where doors need to be closed quickly and smoothly, such as in airports or office buildings. They are also often used in residential settings for doors that are heavier or wider than standard doors.

Best Floor Spring Door Closers For Heavy-Duty Doors

We stock heavy duty door closers for big doors at Keeler hardware. Our heavy duty door closers are a specialised door closing device that is designed to close and latch heavy doors. This type of closer is typically installed on doors that are used frequently, such as those in high-traffic areas. A hydraulic door closer or heavy duty door closers are typically made from cast iron or steel for strength and durability. Hydraulic door closers are the most common type of heavy duty door closer. These hydraulic door closers use hydraulic fluid to slowly and evenly close the door, which helps to prevent it from slamming shut. Some hydraulic closers also feature adjustable speed controls, which allow you to customise how quickly or slowly the door closes. Heavy duty door closers are an important part of any high-traffic commercial or industrial facility. A hydraulic door closer ensures that doors close properly and stay closed, which can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best floor spring door closer for your heavy-duty door. The first is the size and weight of the door. A heavier door will require a stronger closing force, so it's important to choose a floor spring door closer that is designed for heavy-duty doors. Another thing to consider is the traffic that will be going through the door. If you have a high volume of traffic, you'll want to choose a floor spring door closer that can handle the increased usage. Lastly, you'll want to think about the environment where the door will be located. If it's in an area with high winds or other harsh conditions, you'll need to choose spring door closers that are designed for those conditions. If you are responsible for choosing a heavy duty door closer for your facility, be sure to consult with our team of door hardware professionals to ensure that you select the best possible option from our range of spring door closers.

What Is A Floor Closer Door Spring?

At Keeler Hardware our spring door closers are devices that are used to automatically close doors. They are often found in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in some residential applications. A floor spring door closer is a device that is installed in the floor and helps to close a door automatically. The door auto closer consists of a spring-loaded door closing mechanism that is connected to the door and the floor. When the door is opened, the spring is compressed and when the door is closed, the spring expands, helping to close the door. Door closers work by using a spring door closing mechanism to apply tension to the door, which closes it. The great range of stocked spring door closers online come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different specifications and applications.

A Closer That's Hidden From View

A concealed door closer from Keeler Hardwares range of door closers and floor springs are a type of door closer that is hidden from view. This makes the spring door ideal for use in areas where aesthetics are important, such as in office buildings or new homes. Concealed door closers can be either surface mounted or recessed into the door. Internal door closers are another type of hidden door closer. Our range of internal door closers are installed inside the door, making them invisible from the outside. The concealed door closer is easy to use and offers a range of features that make it perfect for use in many different environments. The spring-loaded design ensures that the door closes smoothly, while adjustable back checks and friction controls provide extra safety. These floor springs are also low maintenance, as they require no lubrication or adjustment to stay in top condition. This makes floor springs ideal for high traffic areas where regular maintenance may not be feasible.