Casement Stays


Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler has the widest variety of casement stays online. To make sure you leave as happy and satisfied customers, we provide as many options possible, so it will be easier for you to find the product that meets your specification.

We sell locking pins, casement window, casement, telescopic, quadrant, and box stays.

Our casement stays are available in different styles and designs to match almost any window. You can use our products for bathroom, bedroom, classroom, living room, and office windows.

We have casement stays in polished and satin chrome, Florentine bronze, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, antique coppers, and matte black finish.

The products in our selection are easy to install. They are ideal for do-it-yourself installation and maintenance, as well as other DIY projects.

We sell trusted and well-known brands such as Delf, Interlock, Lockwood, Superior Brass, Tradco, and Whitco.

Here at Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler, we offer affordable casement stays made of high-quality materials. From a starting price of $7.00, you can buy the product that matches your needs and specifications.

You can buy individual parts and pieces for specific purposes. We also accept bulk orders for those who wish to update their stocks.

The more products you buy from us, the more money you save. As a special offer, you can have your products shipped for FREE when you buy over $99.00 worth of products.

If you have any questions about our products or you need help in choosing the best casement stays, you can send us an email at

Our online store offers suggestions for items that other customers usually buy with our casement stays. You can check the pages of our website or visit our stores in Sydney to see the full selection of window hardware and accessories we offer.