Buy compliant exit signs and more

There are many different signs that a business needs to help guide staff and customers to where they need to be without confusion. Keeler Hardware has a range of adhesive variants for various purposes, providing an easy-to-install solution. From aluminium braille options to disabled toilet signboards – we have everything you need to keep your visitors and staff safe.

Compliant signage made easy

Made from tough stainless steel designed to withstand wear and tear, businesses across Australia trust these solutions. Browse the Keeler Hardware collection, ideal for use across:

  • Exists: It is essential to have your exits marked so that people know where to go in an emergency and general traffic flow in your business. These include exit signage with level numbers and letters on them, so you have accurate indications on every level of your premises.
  • Disabled toilets: These stainless steel braille signs include showers and change rooms, with wording variations offering complete flexibility. Choose from products suitable for unisex amenities, ambulant restrooms, parent rooms and staff areas. Select the right option for your business, depending on your available facilities.
  • Lifts: Choose from clear designs for your access points, including wheelchair access notices and alerts to assist those with a disability.
  • Tea rooms: Clearly show where staff can take their breaks and enjoy their meals while making it clear these rooms are not for the general public.
  • Staff-only points: Ensure public members do not access areas they shouldn't come with clear-cut indications and labels.
  • Parent rooms: To help parents with young children find allocated spaces for feeding, changing and other parental duties.

These essentials should never be an afterthought. Remaining a practical guide for customers in the modern-day influences visitor experience and perception and ensures safety across the board. Having the right signage also ensures that all staff and customers are moving precisely to where they need, eliminating congestion and confusion within your business. Aid your patrons with all the navigation guidance they need to get from one point to another, without confusion.

Are you in the process of planning, building or constructing a new space? Perhaps you are looking at commencing a new renovation project on your home or business. Or maybe you are just looking to repair your space’s tired assets to maximise safety and flow. No matter what kind of project you are looking to complete, Keeler Hardware has you covered including our full range of products, like door stops, knobs and hinges. All of our products come guaranteed and have been engineered to provide maximum durability.

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