Push Door Handle Plates


Door Plates For Push Doors

When it comes to door push plates, you’ll find a wide range of options in our online store. If you are looking for a door handle plate in stainless steel, brass or aluminium finishes we have something in our range that will suit your needs. We also have matching accessories available such as escutcheons and locks, so you can easily design the complete look for your door hardware. Our entrance door furniture solutions are designed with durability and style in mind, this allows our customers to choose from a range of contemporary and modern designs that will fit their specific door needs. All push plates are made out of the highest quality materials and are built to last. Shop with us today to find the perfect door pulls for your push pull door today.

Buy Door Pull Handles and Push Plates For Doors

Our door push plates for sale throughout Australia are designed for push doors and attach to a hinged design, near the usual handle height to indicate where you can push the door or open it. In comparison, pull handles to allow those exiting and entering the area to better understand how the door operates, allowing for easy traffic flow. Our door plates are available in several styles and sizes to suit any commercial or residential space. From contemporary, classic, modern, stainless steel designs to wooden materials that match your current style; With our push plates you have the option of creating a unique look for each entrance way with door pulls. Our front door handle plates come with easy installation instructions so you can quickly install them without too much tinkering around. Our team is also available if you ever need assistance choosing the best door pull handles and door plates for your home.

Why buy our satin chrome pull door handles or push plates?

Pull handles are placed on opposite sides of the door, usually according to how the design swings or operates. They also visibly show how a certain entrance or exit can be used, without confusion.

As for door push plates, These are more suitable for commercial contexts, rather than residential and are common in public spaces. Perfect for areas where access needs to be quick and efficient, they allow hands-free operation for quick entry and exits.

These door handle products are often sold in duos so it’s important to make sure you buy matching sets if you’re going to need to appeal to aesthetics. If you are having trouble deciding which pull handles and door push plates are best for your push pull door, we recommend getting in touch with the Keeler team. We can provide you with reliable, transparent guidance and find the ideal push door or pull door product for your needs.

Looking for other hardware? We also stock a wide variety of guards, accessories, lever sets, locks and more.