Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler has a great selection of professional safes. Having a safe helps you protect your valuables either in your home, office, or hotel.

The safes we offer come in different sizes, design, and lock options to cater the level of protection you require. Access the contents of your safe using keys, biometric, combination, or digital locks.

At Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler, we sell floor and wall safes. We also have safes designed to store keys, pistols, rifles, documents, and records. Cash boxes, counter units and security drawer, key cabinets, archive cabinet, and deposit containers are also available. Floppy disc boxes, computer data insert boxes, and interim cash management safes are on sale on our website and stores in Sydney. For other storing purposes, anti-hold up safe (with time delay lock and slot), subway restaurant and home safe, drug safe, and safes are included in our selection.

With this many options to choose from, you can easily find the safe you need for your home or business.

Designed to keep your valuables protected, our supply of CMI and Yale safes are fire resistant. We sell other trusted brands like Chubb, Kidde, ABUS, S&G, ADI, and HPC.

For your comfort and peace of mind, the safes on our selection are made of quality materials to ensure the safety and protection of the valuables you store in them.

We at Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler, sell professional safes that offer a high level of protection at an affordable price. For as low as $32, you can buy a safe for your home or business to secure your belongings.

If you need help in choosing the best safe for your home or business, don't hesitate to send us an email at, so we can give you the information you require.