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Stair Fitting Accessories & Handrail Brackets

Keeler Hardware sells a wide variety of stair fittings and accessories. The stair fittings and accessories in our handrail brackets collections come in different sizes and variety to make it easy for you to find the product that suits your needs.

We offer stair handrail brackets, stair rod bracket, rod finial, steel tube, rod socket, and stair rail bracket. Accessories like cupboard end pillar, hanging support, hanging cleat, and curved top bracket are also available. Our selection also includes flat top bracket, and flat top bracket for glass, lag screw, ceiling support kit, wall mounting end brackets, plastic hooks

Our products are easy to install, ideal for DIY installation, repair, and maintenance of your home and establishment. The stair fittings and accessories we sell are available in polished brass, chrome, zinc plate, and white finish.

We sell popular and trusted brands like Delf and Emro.

The products we offer are affordable and are designed to last. You can order individual pieces or in bulk to update your stock.

Choose The Right Set Of Handrail Brackets

If you are building stairs, make sure you find the handrail brackets you need to keep the railing secure. At Keeler Hardware our handrail brackets come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes so you can match your existing door handles and décor or find something that will best fit into the design of your stairs. Before you start looking at our range of stair handrail brackets, measure the area where they will be installed and take note of any obstructions or uneven surfaces that might interfere with installation. Once you have all of these measurements in mind, it’s time to pick out the perfect set of handrail brackets for your project. Be sure to discuss any questions about customising dimensions or materials with our team before ordering anything online.

We Have A Great Brass Handrail Bracket Range

These brackets are made from solid brass and feature high quality construction. They come in a variety of styles, finishes and designs to suit any décor or application. Our selection includes traditional, contemporary, rustic and modern styles to blend seamlessly into your existing look. All our products meet the highest standards of quality craftsmanship for lasting beauty and durability. With an extensive selection of sizes, finishes, materials and accessories available for customization you can be sure to find exactly what you need for your project at great prices here!

Are You Building Or Fixing A Staircase?

If you're in the process of building or fixing a staircase, one of the most important elements to consider is the handrail. The handrail is what provides support and stability for people as they ascend or descend the stairs, so it's essential that it is installed correctly.There are a few different elements to a handrail that you'll need to take into account when installing it.

First, you'll need to choose the right handrail brackets. These stair handrail brackets will be used to attach the handrail to the wall or other support structure. There are a variety of handrail brackets available, so make sure you select ones that are appropriate for your particular staircase.

Once you have the handrail brackets in place, it's time to install the actual handrail. Again, there are a few different options available, so choose one that matches the style of your staircase and home. Once you have the handrail in place, secure it with screws or nails at each bracket location.

With the handrail properly installed, your staircase will be much more safe and functional. Be sure to take your time during installation and follow all instructions carefully to ensure a successful outcome.

Finally, once your handrail is securely in place, you can add a decorative touch such as wood balusters or metal railings to complete the look. This will give your staircase a finished and polished appearance that will be sure to impress. With these few simple steps, you have just completed an easy DIY project that has made your home safer and more attractive. Congratulations!

As part of our commitment to providing high quality service, we are available to answer any questions you may have about our stair handrail brackets.