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Keys and Accessories in Sydney from the Locksmiths at SCL

Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler offers a wide selection of keys and locksmith products and accessories online. The variety of products sold in our online store and stores in Sydney gives you a lot of options to help you find the item that meets your needs and specifications.

Aside from door hardware and locksmith products, we also offer keys and key accessories. We sell house, cabinet, pre-cut, spare keys, pre-cut mortice, and replacement keys. Steel split key rings, card holder clips, key ring tags, vinyl card holders, key adaptors, and key spiders are also available in our stores. Our selections also include locking key ring, self-retracting reel, key hider, and magnetic key box hider.

Our keys are available in different designs so you can get the keys and key accessories that match your style and personality. The designs include 8 ball, A-League, AFL, Angry Birds, Aussie Series, Blue Butterfly, Casino chip, Disney, Efco, EPL, FFA, and Fire Flower. We also have Gear Knob, Golf Ball, Japanese floral, ladybug, love, and mag wheel designed keys. Motorsport, NRL, National Breast Cancer Foundation, pink cupcake, purple flower, smiley face, tattoo love, tough skull designs are also available in our stores.

We sell popular and trusted brands like BDS, Gainsborough, Holden, Howard, Kevron, HPC, Key-Bak, Lane, Lucky Line, RiteFit, Ross, Roof Racks, Tradco, and Union.

At Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler we make sure that the products we offer high-quality and cost-efficient products. For as low as $2.00, you can buy the item that you need.

You can order individual pieces for specific job orders or buy in bulk or sets to update your stocks.

As a special offer, you can have your orders shipped for FREE when you buy over $99.00 worth of products. BUY NOW!

If you need information about our products, you may send your queries to