Deadlocks & Night Latches


Get A Night Lock Deadlock For Extra Door Security

Keeler Hardware offers a wide range of deadlocks and night locks. With the variety of latch locks we offer. It’s easier for you to find the right night lock that meets your needs and specifications. Our deadlock and night latches serve as secondary locks. These night locks offer additional security to your house and other properties. You have to lock them every time. Having these kinds of deadlocks. Are ideal for hotels, apartments, dormitories, and other rooms, especially for commercial spaces.

Our great lock accessories range means you can buy deadbolts, rim night latch with dead locks, rim locks, and door locks all from one place online. We also have pull handle lockset deadbolts, deadlatches, strikes, and box lock irons.

To make sure that you find the deadlocks and night latches that match the style and design of your door. We make our products available in different colours and finishes. Locks and latches with. Satin or polished stainless steel. Satin or polished chrome and polished brass. Antique copper, brown, everbrass, antique, and matte black finish. We sell popular and trusted dead lock hardware brands. Such as ABUS, Brava, Delf, Kaba, Lockwood, Nidus, Ritefit, Tradco, Trio, and Whitco. At Keeler Hardware we offer lock latch products. That are cost-efficient and are made of high-quality materials. Buy lock latches that can give you the additional security required for your homes without compromise.

Adding a latch lock to your home is a must

If you're seeking a reliable and secure way to keep your premises protected. Our night locks are a perfect choice. Our selection of latch locks come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any aesthetic. While also providing the peace of mind you expect. Each designed to be robust and reliable. Every latch lock comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide. So even the least experienced DIYer. Can have their security solution up and running quickly. No matter if for home or business use. These night locks provide superior protection against potential intruders. So you can feel safe leaving your property even when you're away. Explore our latch lock collection today and find the ideal night latch for your needs.

Front Door Dead Lock Solution

If you're looking for a reliable and secure front door dead lock solution. Our deadlock front door option is the ideal choice. This system offers a high level of security. As it features two locking points that must be engaged in order for the door to be opened. This makes it virtually impossible for intruders to force their way in. The deadlock front door lock is made from high-quality materials. Ensuring that it will withstand any attempts at forced entry. For added peace of mind, we also offer a warranty on all our dead lock products. So if you're looking for a secure and durable front door lock solution. Consider our deadlock front door option.

What Is A Deadlock Night Latch?

A deadlock night latch is a security device that can be used to secure a single door or window. It consists of two parts. The latch, which is mounted on the inside of the door or window frame and has an internal locking mechanism. The keyed cylinder, which is mounted on the outside of the frame. Which has an external locking mechanism. The cylinder locks into place when it is turned from outside. While turning the latch will open it from inside. This type of lock provides greater security than other types. It cannot be opened with any key like most standard door locks can. Only those with specific matching keys can open them. They are often equipped with alarms that sound off if someone attempts to pick or force them open. Without using a proper key. Deadlock night latches are a great security measure. For homes, businesses, and other properties. Providing not only physical security but also psychological assurance to the occupants. Knowing that their doors or windows cannot be opened. They can also act as an additional deterrent against burglars. If used in conjunction with other door handle locks and security measures.