Privacy & Indicator Bolts


Door Privacy Locks

Specialising in door hardware and accessories. We have an extensive range of privacy indicator bolts to meet your specification. This collection includes different types of privacy locks. Each tailored to match various styles of doors. Privacy indicator bolts show whether a single-occupant room is occupied or vacant. Making them ideal for restrooms. Particularly public toilets where a privacy lock bathroom indicator lock is required. Not only do these locks serve as the primary lock for such spaces. But they also provide an extra layer of security. In fact, privacy locks offer superior safety compared to regular bathroom door locks. At Keeler Hardware, you will find an array of options. Including privacy emergency assembly, turn button assembly and set. And Privacy indicator bolt and kit, Taylor and privacy spindle fittings. All crafted with utmost precision. Moreover, we also stock tie fix bolts, toilet indicator bolts. As well as assisted toilet indicator bolts. Along with partition door bumpers and staples for added convenience. Find other essential components. Such as privacy snib turns and sets. Alongside turn snib escutcheons and emergency release escutcheons. Catering to every aspect of door security needs.

Popular Privacy Indicator Bolt Styles

Introducing our exquisite door handle with privacy lock and indicator bolt styles. Designed for your bathroom hardware needs. At Keeler Hardware, we understand maintaining utmost privacy in a restroom setting. That's why our collection boasts an extensive array of finishes. To suit any aesthetic preference. From the classic elegance of polished brass and satin chrome. To the modern sophistication of polished chrome and satin nickel. For those seeking a touch of opulence. We offer finishes like Florentine bronze and oil rubbed bronze. These exude timeless charm. If you desire a bold statement, our black and matte black options are sure to make a striking impression. Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We stock only premium privacy indicator bolts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail. There is no doubt these door privacy lock products will not only enhance the look of your bathroom. But will also increase its security and stand up against daily wear and tear. With prices starting low. Finding a high-quality toilet indicator bolt that aligns with your budget is easy. We stock indicator bolt products from renowned brands. Delf, Emro, Lockwood, Metlam, Nidus, Parisi Quality, RiteFit, Superior Brass, Sylvan and Tradco. All trusted names synonymous with excellence in design and functionality. Experience unrivalled convenience coupled with unparalleled style. Choose one of our exceptional privacy indicator bolts today.