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Wide Variety Of Digital Locks For Doors

These high-tech digital locks keep intruders out more often and allow you to keep track of who can enter your property. Many homes and businesses choose an electronic smart door lock from our keyless door lock range because they provide an extra layer of security to your door. In stock online at Keeler Hardware you will find different types of electronic door locks and digital keyless locks in our collection. 

Keeler Hardware offers a variety of smart entry locks, including fingerprint door locks, Bluetooth door locks, keypad door locks, and remote control door locks. With these advanced digital lock systems, you can say goodbye to worrying about lost or stolen keys and hello to convenient and secure access to your property. Plus, the sleek designs of our digital locks add a modern touch to any home or office space. Experience the ultimate convenience in home security with our wide selection of digital locks for doors.

Bluetooth smart locks use technology to connect to your smartphone or other compatible devices like smart watches, allowing you to unlock your entry door using a phone. When someone enters or tries to enter your home these locks will notify you and or a security company. Bluetooth smart locks are typically very easy to install and use. You can grant and revoke access for anyone you want, such as family members, guests, contractors and more. 

Some Wi-Fi locks also come with additional features like automatic locking/unlocking when someone approaches or leaves your home and even notify you after each successful unlock event. Smart locks provide extra security by automatically changing codes on a regular basis so that intruders cannot gain entry through guessing them.

One of the most popular entry locks is the Keypad door lock, which offers key less entry through a numerical keypad. This type of lock is perfect for those who frequently forget or lose their keys. Useful for families with young children who may have trouble keeping track of traditional keys. Another popular option is the fingerprint door lock, which uses advanced bio metric technology to allow access to authorised users whose fingerprints are stored in the system.

Code door lock is designed for easy installation and offers advanced security measures such as anti-tamper alarms, multiple user codes, and remote control access. This allows for a secure and easy way to enter your home or office just by inputting a code. This is especially useful if you have multiple people who need access, as you can program individual codes for each person.

That's why we only stock high-quality electronic door locks from trusted brands.

Trending Digital Keyless Door Locks

Secure your doors without worrying about losing or forgetting keys.Keyless smart locks are the perfect solution. With access granted by PIN codes, RFID tags, fingerprints, or iris scans, these keyless door locks offer unparalleled convenience. You should however ensure that the keyless door lock you choose has robust security measures because certain models are vulnerable to hacking. If you’re looking for assistance in finding the perfect digital lock or lock accessories for your door hardware needs, look no further than Keeler Hardware. Rest assured that we guarantee your safety and satisfaction with our reliable products. 

Our range of smart locks we have at Keeler Hardware use cutting-edge technology to provide superior security. Some models are equipped with sensors that detect when someone is trying to force entry. This triggers an alarm that alerts you and the authorities. Auto locking and keyless entry features make these keyless door locks more convenient and secure over traditional locks. Benefits of using a digital smart lock go beyond convenience. Some customers live in high crime areas, have valuables in their homes, or just want to feel safer. Installing the best door security is crucial to keeping your family safe. If you're looking for maximum security or simply want a convenient way to enter your home without keys, our range has got you covered. Your home will be more valuable if you invest in an electronic lock. To protect your possessions and loved ones, it's important to stay on top of keyless door lock technological advancements.

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Buy smart lock security online at Keeler Hardware and choose from a range of access control solutions to fit your needs. Electric locks featuring keyless door locks with keypad lock technology, remote controls and more. With the latest keyless lock technology, you can remotely manage access with our electronic lock systems. These systems are perfect for residential properties, offices and businesses. We have a selection of Digital Locks and keypad door lock solutions that offer convenience and security in one package

How Secure Are Digital Locks?

We know digital locks are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners looking for ways to improve the security of their home. The main questions we get asked are related to being any more secure than standard door locks.

In general, digital locks are more secure than traditional locks, depending on factors such as internet connection and smart device ownership. Keyed locks can be picked or bumped open easily.

Traditional locks can also be bypassed with a plastic card or other thin object. Digital locks, on the other hand, have a deadbolt that goes all the way into the doorframe. This makes it impossible to bypass with a credit card or other thin object. Brute force can be used to defeat traditional locks. Determined burglars can kick in a door with a traditional lock, or even break the lock itself. Digital locks have a reinforced construction and metal-reinforced deadbolts. So if you’re in the need for a more secure option for your home, go with a digital lock.

Digital door locks are typically more secure, as they cannot be picked or bumped like a traditional lock. Additions of keyless entry and audit trails can further enhance the security of digital door locks. A digital door lock is no exception to the rule that no lock is completely secure. While the technology behind them is typically very reliable, there are always potential vulnerabilities that should be considered. For example, if the lock is not properly installed or maintained, it may be possible for someone to bypass it. Additionally, if the lock is connected to a network, there may be potential for a cyber attack. A digital door lock can increase security in a number of ways. However, it is important to carefully consider all potential risks before installing one.

How To Choose The Right Digital Door Lock?

If you want to choose a smart door lock from our digital or electronic door lock keyless collection for your home. First you must ensure the lock is compatible with your door. Our range of front door locks come in all different shapes and sizes. You won't have any problems finding the perfect fit for your door and style that matches perfectly to your current hardware range.

There are a lot of different digital door locks on the market these days, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. You can get the right digital door lock based on your budget, level of security, and compatibility.

First, consider your budget. There are digital door locks available at all price points, so it's important to set a realistic budget before you start shopping. Keep in mind that the more features a lock has, the higher the price will be.

Next, think about the level of security you need. Looking for a basic lock to keep out intruders, then a less expensive model will likely suffice. But if you're concerned about someone picking the lock or tampering with it, then you'll need to invest in a more secure option. There are also locks available with fingerprint or biometric recognition for added security.

Finally, make sure to check compatibility with other devices. Several smart locks can be integrated with home automation systems, so if you have other smart devices in your home (such as thermostats, lighting controls, etc.), look for a lock that will work with those as well. Otherwise, you may need to purchase separate hubs or adapters to get everything to work together.